ISO to clear the air on Vaping’s need for International Standardization

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The International Standards Organization (ISO) has just announced its creation of a new ISO subcommittee, ISO/TC 126, Tobacco and tobacco products, SC 3, Vape and vapour products. ISO is an international. independent, non-governmental organization which develop manufacturing and quality control standards, to help ensure that things work they way they should.

The Vape and vapour products subcommittee will focus on:

  • Safety and quality requirements for electronic devices and e-liquids
  • Test methods for devices and e-liquids
  • Determination of substances in e-liquids
  • Testing conditions, equipment, reference products, emissions, vaping machines and robots
  • User information and services provided by retailers

With its first meeting scheduled for the week of October 24, 2016 in Osaka, Japan, ISO/TC 126/SC 3 expects to have its first International Standards ready for publication in 2018.


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