Icy Combinations Continue to Be Vaping Cool

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For so many vapers around the world, an e-liquid isn’t truly satisfying unless it delivers a bold kick of intensely icy menthol. There’s something about the cooling sensation of menthol that’s nothing short of intoxicating. Besides the freshness that it introduces into any e-juice flavor, menthol provides a strong hit to the back of the throat when inhaled. It’s this sensation that many vape enthusiasts find absolutely irresistible.

At NicVape, we’re committed to satisfying the needs of menthol lovers by constantly dreaming up new e-liquids that combine this icy flavor with the tastes that you love. If you’re wild about menthol like we are, you’re going to absolutely adore our line of menthol-infused e-liquids.

What is Menthol?

Menthol is extracted from the essential oil of the mint plant. It’s a chemical compound that’s known for its profound cooling effect. In fact, menthol is frequently used in medications because of its ability to numb pain thanks to the cooling sensation that it provides.

When inhaled, it soothes the throat while invigorating the senses with its intensity. Menthol is a very popular cigarette additive as the cold blast of this compound takes the edge off the boldness of tobacco. Because so many vapers used to be cigarette smokers, it’s extremely common for e-liquid brands to produce menthol-infused flavors in order to satisfy former smokers’ needs.

Flavors that Taste Great with a Menthol Kick

Another thing that makes menthol so unique is the fact that it blends well with practically every flavor under the sun. The same way that a couple of mint leaves can enhance virtually any dish whether it be savory or sweet, menthol can be combined with anything from rich custards to juicy, ripe fruits.

What Makes NicVape’s Menthol Flavors So Unique

We know what menthol enthusiasts crave. Our unique menthol is pure, high in quality and of a food grade. This way, it provides that fresh, intense taste without any artificial notes.

We’re also experts at blending flavors, knowing exactly how much menthol to add to each flavor combination in order to produce a balanced, complex and delightful profile. However, our menthol is so darn good that we’ve released a few different e-liquids that consist of nothing but that icy taste.

Most Popular NicVape Menthol Flavors

If you want to stock up on some menthol-infused treats, we recommend exploring the flavors below. These e-liquid flavors are among our top-selling ones because of their glorious menthol-kissed flavor combinations.

Drops Crème de Mint: Rich, smooth chocolate is combined with the perfect amount of cool menthol to satisfy your dessert cravings and your ice-related needs at once.

Drops Fresh Menthol: Nothing but pure, intense menthol for a fresh kick of satisfaction.

Tradewinds Tobacco Carolina Cool: Bold tobacco and cool menthol join forces to satisfy your menthol cigarette cravings.

NicVape Heroes | Drops | Strawberry Chill: Fresh, juicy strawberries are dipped into a menthol bath in order to refresh you like nothing else

Grab Some Menthol-Infused Treats from NicVape Today!

At NicVape, you’ll find intoxicating menthol flavors for every type of craving under the sun.

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wfobjr May 5, 2019 9:45 AM reply
Ever since I began vaping(10 years) I've been drawn to the menthol flavor. I dont particularly enjoy flavors after a few sessions. Menthol has never let me down. Prior to vaping, it was always Marlboro red.

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