Integrity, Community, and Vaping

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At NicVape we truly value three things:

• Integrity
• Community
• Vaping
These values make up our identity in everything that we do, and are an active representation of our
business model’s mantra. Over the last many years we’ve placed much emphasis on integrating
these ideals into our culture. Here is how they fit.
Integrity: This word is overused in many businesses as a marketing ploy, but not here. At NicVape,
we value the integrity of our products, relationships, and even processes. One example of this is
our 100% discontinuation of of an e-liquid line ( that contained diacetyl and
acetyl, because of research that was conducted. It was determined that these ingredients posed a
health risk to their users, and we determined it didn’t represent our company’s integrity and
commitment to each client, so we discontinued the product (losing revenue). This is just one
example of how NicVape is committed to integrity.
Community: Community is an essential part of life. “Relationships are the currency of power,” and
that couldn’t be more true. Since our company was launched, we’ve been able to create
relationships with individuals and companies alike, all around the globe. It’s because of this
community that we are able to continue to serve an industry we love; the vaping industry.
Vaping: We believe - and are passionate - about vaping. At NicVape, all of our e-liquids are created
in our FDS registered cleanroom, located in Spartanburg, SC. This ensures that our passion for all
things vaping can be tested, guaranteed, and delivered in the highest quality. If you’re going to do
something, do it great. We believe in vaping and we believe in being great!
A company is judged not on their values, but on how their values are deployed throughout the
culture, products, and client experiences of the organization. At NicVape we are dedicated to these
values, and will continue to be.
To learn more about our passions, values, or process, please connect with our team today! We’re
always happy to help.

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Chef Jon May 11, 2016 9:59 PM reply

NicVape is truly the very best! You have my complete gratitude and support. I'm looking forward to next order, can't wait to try your other flavors! So far I've made one that I call Créme d'Amaretto. Très fantastique!

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Loren McClaflin (Store Admin) July 29, 2016 1:54 PM reply

Jon, thank you for your kind words and support! Wow!!!!! - Créme d'Ameretto sounds scrumptious!!! We are slowly building our blog section, as well as a recipe section with some great sample recipes which include E-Flavors, for our Vaping community to try out (you feel where we're going with this? :-D ). If it's not a secret recipe, we'd be honored to put it up and share your love!

Sorry for the delayed response, and know that we really appreciate you, Jon!

- Loren

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thisismyisland August 9, 2017 2:49 PM reply
I thought for sure that NicVape was my key to buying DIY supplies so that I knew what was going in my juice and make it a bit cheaper. Not the case, after adding a few things to my cart, the shipping amounts (some almost as much as the product themselves) it seems that just buying pre-made juices from vendors is the way to go. It's unfortunate as I was looking forward to DIY.

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Elk September 6, 2017 9:17 PM reply
Question? what if any is the best sweetener for DYI? couple years ago my local store sold it (long story short, fella passed away) and the line discontinued.... thanks for advice P.

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