Introducing E-Base - An absolute game changer for DIY e-liquid creation!

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Have you ever been interested in DIY e-liquid creation, but not interested in the hassle.

Well, we have the perfect new option for you! What if you could…

  1. Purchase flavors
  2. Mix them to your liking
  3. Enjoy

It’s now that simple. Check this out:

E-Base is the most simple-to-use DIY vaping solution available.

How much easier can it get? Choose your e-liquid blend/strength, add in your flavor, and enjoy your custom concoctions. For example, if you’d like strawberry cheesecake, just mix strawberry and cheesecake; and the flavor options are endless. No longer do you have to worry about nicotine levels, playing scientist in your home, or measuring precisely. You can simply mix and go.

E-Base is for those who:

  • Like to create, but need to quickly.
  • Value mobility.
  • Don’t settle for average; on anything.
  • Pave their own path.
  • Think life should be simple, and enjoyable.

So, what are you waiting for? Try your first bottle of E-Base today.

It’s a big world out there. With E-Base, your canvas just got a little larger.

- NicVape Team

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