Keep Calm, There’s No Need to Count E-Juice Calories

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If you’re a vaper who values staying in shape, you might just be wondering about how this activity affects your physique. Vaping has the ability to satisfy our most indulgent cravings, providing us with flavor profiles like ice cream sundaes, rich custards and buttery, fluffy doughnuts. But what exactly are those mouth-watering flavors doing to our waistlines?

For calorie counter vapers who might be concerned about their vape lifestyle sabotaging those fitness goals, you can breathe a sigh of relief right about now. As you’ll see, there is no reason to worry about putting on weight while you hit your mod. So, hit that mod and put the shame to rest!

How Many Calories are in E-Liquid?

As it turns out, every 1mL of e-liquid contains about four or five calories. That means that if you’re vaping 2mL daily, you are taking in between eight and ten calories. If you vape 5mL of e-liquid a day, that’s between 20 and 25 calories daily.

The calories that are in e-liquid primarily come from the flavoring ingredients that make our vaping experience so awesome to begin with. Most of these flavoring additives are derived from natural food sources and contain sugars that make our vape sessions satisfyingly sweet.

Should I Be Counting Those Calories?

Let’s put it this way:

  • A strawberry has about four calories. Would you feel guilty for eating a couple of calories each day? Would you ask yourself if it was going to make you gain weight?
  • Meanwhile, a grilled chicken breast has about 110 calories. You don’t feel guilty about eating that regularly, do you?

It’s clear that the calories that are in e-liquid are too few to actually have any effect on your weight goals. In fact, you’ll burn all of your vaping calories and more while you sleep anyway. So, you can put your fears to rest once and for all.

Additionally, it’s possible that the calories in e-juice aren’t even really affecting your body. Because we inhale vapor into the lungs, scientists don’t believe that those calories are actually interacting with your metabolism. There’s a good chance as well that we exhale the majority of those calories out during the vaping process. In theory, the rest of the calories are getting absorbed into your lungs.

Can Vaping Make Me Gain Weight?

In short, vaping won’t make you gain actual weight. The reality is that it could actually help you manage your weight by helping you handle your sugar cravings. If you find candy or chocolate irresistible, vaping a sugary flavor can keep those cravings at bay. Many vapers have successfully managed their most sinful cravings by vaping regularly throughout the day.

Additionally, nicotine has been found to suppress the appetite and slightly boost the metabolism, meaning that if you’re vaping a high-nic e-liquid, you’re very unlikely to gain weight as a result of your hobby.

Vape on and Keep Those Unwanted Calories Off!

Vaping is a pleasurable hobby that does not put you at the risk of gaining weight. For vapers of all levels and preferences, this should give you a side of relied. Therefore, keep calm and vape on!

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BrittC2003 March 14, 2019 1:16 PM reply
That was a very informative post. I definitely do not want to gain any weight. It’s good to know I won’t.

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H4ydenDaKiller May 1, 2019 11:23 PM reply
Glad I read this! :)

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