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Those who have just started vaping may be surprised to learn that there are many ways to inhale vapor. In fact, how you choose to inhale greatly impacts your overall vaping experience. The way in which you pull on your mod determines everything from the fullness of your e-liquid flavor to the thickness of your clouds.

Today, we'll be exploring the different inhaling methods so that you can decide which one will bring you the most satisfaction while you vape. There are two methods of inhaling that each come with pros and cons.

The Different Pulling Methods


Mouth-to-Lung (MTL) vaping is typically favored by vape enthusiasts who want to recreate the experience of smoking a cigarette as much as possible. This inhaling method involves sucking the vapor into the mouth, letting it sit on your tongue for a second and then sucking it down into your lungs.

Because the vapor sits on the palate before entering the lungs, this style of vaping allows vapers to really get a full taste of the flavor profile of their e-liquid. It also promotes a stronger throat hit. However, this style of inhaling isn't as good at producing those big, fluffy clouds that some vapers desire.

MTL lovers tend to prefer devices that are set at low wattages such as e-cigarettes and pod mods. A low wattage produces less vapor that is easier to suck into the mouth before inhaling it deep into the lungs.

Direct Lung

Direct Lung (DL) vaping involves taking a large hit and sucking it straight into the lungs. This is the inhaling method that's favored by vapers who like to chase enormous, dense clouds. By inhaling a large amount of vapor directly into the lungs, the vapor has less time to evaporate, resulting in larger clouds.

One drawback of this inhaling method is the fact that the flavor tends to be less pronounced. Because the vapor goes straight into the lungs, the flavor doesn't get a chance to develop on the palate. The throat hit is also less strong because of the wattage level used.

Most vapers who prefer this inhaling style use devices that can reach high wattage levels. A higher wattage results in thicker, more abundant vapor. Also, those who favor this vaping style tend to go with lower nicotine levels as high amounts of nicotine can feel too harsh when the vapor is sucked into the lungs.

Figure Out Which Pull Works for You

How you choose to inhale your vapor can dramatically impact the vaping experience that you have. Once you've decided which method of inhaling is more desirable, you can grab the right gear to experience a deeply satisfying vape.

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