Key Differences Between Pod Mod and Box Mod Mouthpieces

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If you’ve just switched to a pod setup after having used a box mod for some time, you know very well that a lot of things are, well, different. For one thing, pod mods are extremely small and technologically minimalistic compared to the large, clunky kits that you’re used to. Also, the e-liquid is different in that it contains a completely different kind of nicotine.

Another thing that’s drastically different is the mouthpiece. Now, you might think that the design of a pod mod mouthpiece isn’t worth paying attention to. But, as you’ll see, it’s yet another component that makes the pod system such a brilliant technological achievement.

What is the Purpose of a Mouthpiece?

The mouthpiece of a vaping setup is an extremely overlooked component that actually plays a hugely important role. If it weren’t for the mouthpiece, you wouldn’t enjoy a concentration of smooth, flavorful vapor. It’s basically a chimney that allows the vapor to evenly flow from the device, ensuring that each hit is as satisfying as can be,

Their Differences

Now, let’s discuss the ways in which pod mod mouthpieces and box mod mouthpieces differ from each other.


First, let’s get into the shape. As you know, box mod mouthpieces are tubular in design, and this helps concentrate the vapor. They also have completely open tops so that a large amount of e-juice can flow through them as this is desirable with sub-ohm vaping.

Pod mod mouthpieces, meanwhile, are often rectangular, and have little airholes at the top. This is because not nearly as much e-liquid needs to go through the mouthpiece since this type of system is for mouth-to-lung vaping.


Pod mods, as you know, are much, much smaller than box mods. They just don’t reach such high output levels because they’re more about delivering a high concentration of nicotine to the user. They also don’t have nearly as much vapor flowing through them for this reason. So, it makes sense that pod mod mouthpieces are very small compared to the mouthpieces that are used with box mod setups.


As you know, mouthpieces that are used with box mod setups come in a range of materials such as glass, marble, plastic and stainless steel. The material used to create a box mod mouthpiece must be resilient because of the high temperature that this device can reach. A weaker material would melt under such circumstances.

Pod mods don’t get that hot because they’re low-wattage devices. This is why the majority of pod mod mouthpieces are made from plastic.


Lastly, you’ll notice that there aren’t as many replacement mouthpieces for pod mods on the market. With box mods, users can explore a wide range of output settings, so they need a mouthpiece that can accommodate this. With pod mods, the output ranges are small, so a standard mouthpiece can get the job done.

Chose the One that Can Handle Your Vaping Needs

As you can see, box mod mouthpieces and pod mod mouthpieces serve the same function, but they’re extremely different from each other in terms of overall design. What matters is that each type of system’s mouthpiece is specially designed to handle the demands of the device. So, if you’re using a pod mod, know that the mouthpiece can meet your vaping needs.

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