Labels – A Selling Point for an E-Liquid

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We all take a lot of time to decide what e-liquid we’d like to buy. We spend hours looking through all of the delicious flavors that are available, taking note of which brands make tastier offerings than others.

There’s another factor that goes into crafting the perfect e-juice product, and it has nothing to do with the ingredients that are inside the bottle. The label that’s on the juice’s bottle is, perhaps, equally important. After all, the vaping market is more competitive than it ever has been, which means that companies have to try harder than ever to make strong first impressions with their products.

We as humans are superficial creatures. There’s no denying that. We judge books by their covers before having any idea what’s inside. So, it’s understandable that, from a marketing standpoint, those labels must be eye-catching, neat and generally attractive. Otherwise, many vapers will pass them by.

Additionally, labels must be informative. Vapers want to know the details of what’s inside a bottle of e-liquid before making a purchase. So, those juice labels have to be as descriptive as possible while remaining organized and tidy.

So, what exactly goes into making a successful e-liquid bottle label? Allow us to break down all of the key components.

Those Labels on E-Liquid Bottles are More Important Than You May Think

When a company starts creating labels for their e-juice bottles, there are a lot of things to consider. After all, a label must stand out from the crowd, but also provide vapers with all of the information that they require.

The truth is that even if an e-liquid contains the best ingredients and offers the most delicious flavor, it’s not going to get very far if its label is lacking. This is why so many companies hire reputable graphic designers to produce attention-grabbing labels that set them apart from the rest.

Visual Impact

First, labels must be visually impactful. This is easier said than done. Consider the enormous spectrum of e-liquids that are on the market today. All of these companies are competing with each other, and many of them use labels to stand out. They find unique, eye-catching graphic imagery, cool-looking fonts and highly memorable logos. This means that any new juice company has their work cut out for them. They have to find a way to gain a visual edge over the competition.

Besides that, labels just need to be aesthetically pleasing. We eat with our eyes first, and this same principle applies to e-juice products. If a label is visually unappealing, we’re going to negatively judge the vape juice that’s inside before we even give it a chance.

Another factor is organization. Things like the logo and the flavor name need to be organized in a way that’s attractive. Otherwise, vapers can feel overwhelmed by the chaotic look of a label and be turned off.


Providing vapers with as much information as possible on a label is crucial. They should clearly show the brand name, the name of the flavor, the nicotine strength and the VG/PG ratio. Vapers are picky, and they want to know exactly what they’re getting before making a purchase.

Again, organization is key here. Putting too much information or making certain pieces of information too large in terms of font size, can actually overwhelm customers. It’s important to put just the right amount of information and organize it in a way that doesn’t make a label look chaotic.


Lastly, an e-liquid label has to make sure that it complies with FDA regulations and other rules regarding how juice products may be marketed and sold. This means that a company cannot make any health claims on their products, nor can they leave out crucial information about what’s inside.

Regulations are always changing and failing to keep up with these changes can cost a vaping company their business. Nowadays, it’s easy to find guides on making labels that comply with FYI rules and regulations.

The E-Liquid Labels at NicVape: Doing it Right

At NicVape, we have put a lot of effort into creating the most visually appealing and informative labels possible. This helps our customers in a variety of ways. For one thing, when they pick up a bottle of NicVape e-liquid, they know exactly what they’re getting. They can clearly see what’s inside of the bottle thanks to the amount of information that we provide.

Additionally, our bottles have been designed to add cohesion to our brand. This helps our customers spot our products from a mile away. They are familiar with the imagery that we consistently use, which makes our e-liquids easily recognizable.

We’re also proud of the fact that we comply with regulations when it comes to creating our bottles. This adds legitimacy to our company and tells our customers that they can trust us.

Labeling Truly Means More Than Ever

It’s hard to deny the importance of creating the perfect label for a bottle of e-liquid. At NicVape, we strive to make our labels as attractive and informative as possible. This helps our customers know exactly what they’re getting and helps them enjoy the aesthetics of our company while they stock up on juice.

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