Live Large or Go Small with Coils

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Vaping can be quite intimidating to beginners because there are so many things to consider before you end up with a setup that works for your exact needs. This is especially the case if you’re going the sub-ohm route as the devices compatible with this style of vaping have a lot of separate parts that each affect your vaping experience in different ways.

With sub-ohm vaping, a lot of the important things to consider revolve around the coil that you’re using. In fact, the world of coils is just as complex as the world of mods and other hardware pieces. That’s because a sub-ohm coil needs to have the right specifications to turn your e-liquid into vapor while you operate your box mod device.

Besides having to figure out which resistance level, wicking material and manufacturer to go with, you also have to consider the size of the coil. Today, you can choose from a wide range of coil sizes, and, just like everything else when it comes to vaping, there’s no right or wrong size. It’s all about experimenting with what works for you.

But, we’re here to help make things easier for you. We’re going to break down the different coil sizes that are available so that you can have a better idea of which one works best with your unique setup and vaping preferences.

How Do Coils Work Exactly, Anyway?

First, we have to briefly explain how coils work so that you understand why the size is so important. Coils sit in your vape tank, and their job is to turn the e-liquid into vapor. When the device is fired, the coil heats up to a certain temperature which helps the e-liquid evaporate.

A coil consists of a wire, an outer structure and a wick. With sub-ohm coils, that wick is made from thick, fibrous cotton so that it can absorb enough vape juice at a time to meet the demands of a high-power device. The size of your coil affects how much e-liquid can be absorbed at any given time, as well as the space between the wick and the outer structure, which actually plays a huge role in various aspects of your vaping experience.

Difference Between Large and Small Coils

Now, let’s discuss the differences between large and small coils. Many vapers who aren’t experienced won’t notice much of a difference, but if you’ve been vaping for a while, this information is pretty important as it can help you make better decisions the next time you need to stock up on coils.

The Diameter is Key

When we talk about large and small coils, we’re really talking about the diameters. Most coils have a diameter of two millimeters as this seems to provide a good amount of space between the wick and the structure. It also allows the coil to fit nicely in the tank while ensuring that cloud production and flavor are properly balanced.

The diameter also determines the heating surface area of your coil, which has a lot to do with how much vapor you take in per hit as well as how consistent your hits are.

Large Coils

Large coils are above two millimeters, and rarely exceed three. They’re favored among cloud-chasers who vape at extremely high wattage levels. The reason is because if there’s more space between the coil’s wick and its outer structure, the wick can take in more e-liquid. This means that each hit will produce more vapor because more e-liquid is being vaporized. Therefore, the clouds are much bigger in size. Larger coil diameters also mean a cooler draw.

One drawback is that the flavor of the e-liquid tends to be less bold with a large coil. That’s because the amount of vape juice that absorbs into the wick creates a less concentrated taste.

Small Coils

Now, let’s discuss small coils, which are basically coils with diameters below two millimeters. Smaller coils, as you probably can guess, will give you a more concentrated flavor because of the way in which the coil absorbs vape juice. Additionally, you’ll get a warmer draw, which many find appealing. Narrow coils absorb less vape juice because there’s less space for the e-liquid to get in between the outer structure and the wick.

Of course, this means that narrow coils will give you smaller clouds because there’s less e-liquid entering the wick. Therefore, you won’t get clouds that are as massive as they would be were you using a larger coil.

How to Choose the Right Coil Size for You

First, keep in mind that when it comes to vaping, it’s all about personal preference. Just because your vaping buddies swear by small coils doesn’t mean that it’s going to work with your unique needs.

If You’re a DIY Vaper

If you’re a DIY vaper, you can build basically any coil size that you’d like. We suggest trying out a few different ones before settling on the one that you like best. Even though you might think that you like a large coil, you may find that a small coil in fact satisfies your needs.

If You’re Not a DIY Vaper

If you’re not a DIY vaper, you may be more limited when it comes to coil size. That’s because not all coils are compatible with the tank that you’re using. Still, you can definitely look around for differently sized coils that are compatible with your unique vaping setup. And, of course, you can always ask someone at a vape shop for recommendations if you wish to switch up the coil size that you’re using.

All Comes to Down to Your Vaping Preference

There are different coil sizes out there, and each one affects your vapes in its own unique way. Use this guide to figure out what you’re trying to get out of your vaping experience so that you can choose your coil size accordingly. And, remember that ultimately, it’s completely up to you as everyone has different vaping needs and preferences.

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