Morning or Evening Vaping - What's the Difference?

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Sometimes you wake up, and you feel the urge to vape as the sun rises, or sometimes after dinner, you feel the thirst to vape as you pass your time before going to bed. If you enjoy the quench of vaping, you will wonder if there are any differences to enjoy it in the evening or in the morning. Truly this will depend on how you view vaping. Some vapers may not understand any advantages or disadvantages given the time they vape.

The quench or satisfaction of vaping may feel the same, but you should note there are some differences that you may feel when vaping in the PM or AM hours. Notably, vapers tend to have a different preference for their e-liquid flavor.

During the morning, you will wish not to have a strong flavor. In the morning you want to relax with a lightly flavored vape. A relaxing e-liquid flavor like java or coffee may be better for the morning hour’s vaping.

During the evening and nighttime hours, you may opt for an e-liquid flavor that is a bit stronger. This will be able to nourish all your vaping needs during the day. During the PM vape sessions, a strong flavor may be the one that will suit your needs.

The other difference between the two vaping experiences is the device that you may use to vape with. Each device that you may opt to use; either the juggernaut MOD or the lightweight pen, may bring both advantages and the disadvantages for use during the morning and evening times.

In the morning you wish to enjoy the vape quietly. You don’t need to have a device that will bring a lot of noise when you’re vaping. It should also be noted that in the AM hours, you do not want too much power. You need a device that will be slightly silent and does not have too much power to enhance the Zen that you experience.

Similarly, during the night hours, you need to enjoy the clouds of vapor that a MOD can be able to provide. A strong vaping experience will give that much needed satisfaction.

Given the above differences of the experiences that you expect, you will be able to choose the best flavor that you need and the go-to device to suit your experience.

However, there are other factors that may influence your satisfaction during vaping, no matter the time that you’re vaping. The way the vapor feels and the e-liquid strength cannot be ignored while choosing the vaping experience needed. There are vapers who only enjoy vaping during the morning, and hence will only enjoy their experience in the AM hours. similarly, there are those who enjoy vaping during the night before going to take a nap.

Overall, you should choose the right time for you to vape so that you can get the best out of your vaping experience.

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