Nic Salt E-Juice Strength Matters!

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When choosing the perfect e-liquid to use with a pod mod system, it’s very important to choose your nicotine strength wisely. As we all know, nicotine salts are much more potent than freebase nicotine, meaning that it’s extra important that we take many things into consideration before deciding which concentration is right for us.

How Nic Salt Strength Differs from Freebase Nic Strength

Before nicotine salt e-liquids came around, we all vaped juices that were made with freebase nicotine. Due to the unstable nature of this chemically modified type of nicotine, most vapers found that they had to opt for low nicotine concentrations in order to avoid the throat harshness for which freebase nicotine is known.

Now that we have nicotine salts, we can enjoy a much more potent dose of nicotine. That’s because this type of nicotine is extracted straight from the tobacco plant and doesn’t cause any harshness. Therefore, it can be consumed in higher concentrations.

This means that salt nic e-juices don’t vary as much as freebase ones in terms of nicotine strength. Because nicotine salts are very potent and aren’t nearly as harsh, you can get your satisfaction without having to opt for a very high concentration.

How Do I Figure Out the Right Salt Nic Strength?

Most salt nic e-liquids are available in 50mg nicotine concentrations. However, more brands are allowing users to choose from a decent range of nicotine strengths. Typically, you’ll find salt nic e-liquids that range between 25mg all the way up to 75mg.

However, as we said, nicotine salts are much more potent than freebase nicotine. This means that suddenly changing your salt nic concentration will probably have more noticeable effects. Fortunately, there are some simple tips that can help you adjust your salt nic strength with minimal difficulty.

Tip#1: Consider the Device that You’re Using

Believe it or not, the pod mod system that you’re using can definitely affect your nicotine salt experience. While basic pod mods tend to have low wattage levels that are fixed, advanced pod mods allow you to explore a wide range of output levels.

If you’re using an advanced pod system that lets you explore different wattage or temperature settings, consider adjusting your output levels before switching to a different nicotine concentration. Higher settings create more vapor per puff, meaning you’ll take in more nicotine salts with every hit.

Tip #2: Do it Gradually

It is not wise to suddenly jump to a very different nicotine concentration. If you have been vaping a salt nic e-liquid with a low concentration, suddenly jumping to a high concentration can leave you feeling a bit unwell as nicotine is a stimulant.

On the other hand, drastically reducing your nicotine concentration all of a sudden can cause you to lose the ability to fully satisfy your nicotine cravings as you’re simply not taking in as much nicotine as you’re used to.

In order to properly increase or decrease your nicotine level, adjust the concentration a little at a time.

Tip #3: Consider How Long You’ve Been Vaping

How long you’ve been vaping has a lot to do with how much salt-based nicotine you crave each day. If you’ve just quit smoking cigarettes, it’s wise to go with a high level of nicotine as that’s what your body is used to. However, if you’ve been vaping for a while, you might want to lower your nicotine level.

Every Vaper’s Needs are Different

When it comes to salt-based nicotine, everyone’s needs are different. By taking a few things into account, you’ll be able to decide how much nicotine you wish to consume each day.

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Noahoscar986 March 13, 2019 1:34 AM reply
I use Dinner Lady Salt, I buy it from, I suggest to all vapers that Nicotine salts should not be used in sub ohm tanks just to start because it's much thicker and its many causes burned your flavor. At first-time dont fill it up to 3mg, because it's too hard.

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Smeaty May 4, 2020 7:23 AM reply
I use for ninnic salts in my Falcon mini which I get from which I much prefer compared to the standard nic shots it's not harsh at all

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