Not All Identical Flavor Concentrates are Created Equally

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If you’re all about that DIY vape life, you’ve probably experimented with flavor concentrates quite a bit. After all, you can’t make your own delicious e-liquids from scratch without a nice collection of flavor concentrates in various flavors. You’ve probably noticed by now that not all identical flavor concentrates are created equally.

Let’s say you purchase a sour apple flavor concentrate so that you can make a sweet and tart candy flavor. You’re very pleased with it, but you want to save some money, so you purchase the same kind of flavor concentrate from another brand. Then, right away, you notice that it tastes completely different from the previous one. Why does this happen?

What is a Flavor Concentrate?

A flavor concentrate is exactly what the name implies – a concentrated flavor extract that can be added to your batch of DIY vape juice to give it a distinctive taste. Flavor concentrates are, as you would imagine, very concentrated, meaning that just a few drops go a long way. Flavor concentrates can consist of one flavor or many. In other words, you can purchase a strawberry flavor concentrate, or a flavor concentrate that contains a variety of flavor additives such as vanilla, chocolate, sugar and butter, giving it the distinctive taste of a chocolate chip cookie.

How Flavor Concentrates Can Vary in Quality

Flavor concentrates vary in quality, and of course this all has to do with the ingredients that they contain. Not all companies who produce flavor concentrates are willing to go the extra mile to ensure that the flavor is spot-on. Some overdo it on the sweetener, which can give it an overly sweet and artificial taste. Others use synthetic ingredients that taste like anything but the real thing.

Why Some Flavor Concentrates Don’t Quite Taste Like What the Name Suggests

Clearly, different brands use different ingredients to produce their flavor concentrates. Ideally, a company will use the best ingredients that come from natural sources, but sadly, this is not always the case. As you would imagine, companies that use synthetic, cheap ingredients to make their flavor concentrates often fail to produce a flavor that tastes like what you think it should. For example, if a company is producing a grape flavor, and they use very cheap, artificial flavoring ingredients, you’ll almost definitely find that you’re not getting that fresh, clean and bold grape taste.

This is why you should always do a little bit of investigating before purchasing flavor concentrates from a particular brand. See if the brand has anything to say about the ingredients that they use to produce their flavors. And, remember that you can always contact them and ask them yourself.

How NicVape Does it Right

At NicVape, we want our DIY vaping friends to be satisfied. That’s why our flavor concentrates are extremely high in quality, consisting of carefully sourced ingredients that taste clean and delicious. We know that you take a lot of time to produce your DIY vape juices, and we want you to be as happy as possible with the end result. All of our flavor concentrates taste just like the real flavors that they claim to replicate, ensuring that you’ll be satisfied with each batch you make.

Only the Best Flavored Concentrates Will Do!

There’s nothing more frustrating than spending money on a flavor concentrate, only to find that it tastes nothing like what it’s supposed to. As you can see, this is actually very common. The good news is that the flavor concentrates at NicVape are made with the very best ingredients so that they taste exactly like what they claim.

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