Pod Vapers Gaining More Control

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As you may have noticed, the pod system is getting more advanced each day. At first, this type of device was produced solely to be a very simple, user-friendly and portable alternative to smoking cigarettes. Designed primarily for those wishing to quit cigarettes without having to figure out how to use a complicated setup, the first pod systems didn’t really allow for any customization at all.

Now, of course, we’re seeing our very favorite hardware brands release highly sophisticated pod systems that come with lots of customization possibilities. Easily, one of the most exciting features to grace the pod system is temperature control. This feature allows us to control our salt nic experience like never before.

What is Temperature Control (TC) Vaping?

For those who don’t know, temperature control vaping allows the user to set the maximum temperature that the coil can reach when the vaping device is fired. By putting a cap on how hot the coil can get, you basically ensure that the coil won’t burn out due to excessive heat exposure.

Temperature control also allows you to control your vaping experience by ensuring that each hit is exactly the same as the last. While temperature control was once limited to large, heavy box mod devices, this exciting technology has now taken over the pod mod world.

So, now that you have an idea what is, you might be wondering how it affects your nicotine salt e-liquids?

A Consistent Vape

When you’re using a pod mod, your primary priority is getting the perfect amount of salt-based nicotine per puff. By using temperature control, you can ensure that each hit delivers the same exact amount of nicotine. That’s because temperature control vaping tends to produce a consistent amount of vapor per puff.

More Control Over Your Experience

Being able to customize your vaping experience allows you to find your sweet spot like you never have been able to before. That’s because each temperature setting has unique effects on a variety of aspects of your overall vaping experience. For instance, certain temperatures slightly alter the flavor of your e-liquid, allowing it to taste richer or smoother depending on how hot you allow your coil to get.

Temperature control vaping also allows you to customize the amount of vapor that is produced each time you fire your mod. That’s because different temperatures determine how much e-liquid is vaporized per hit.

An End to Dry Hits

One of the most beloved aspects of temperature control vaping is its ability to eliminate dry hits altogether. Dry hits occur because the coil has become too hot, basically turning the e-juice that’s saturating the wick dry. Temperature control prevents this by not allowing the coil to get so hot that it evaporates too much e-liquid.

Coil Preservation

When a coil is heated more than it should be on a frequent basis, it will eventually die because it has burned out. This can become quite costly as it forces you to constantly replace dead coils. Temperature control vaping prevents your coils from dying prematurely by ensuring that they never burn out.

Improved Battery Life

Some vapers believe that temperature control vaping better preserves their battery life. It ensures that the battery never fires the coil more than necessary, meaning that you’ll likely find that your battery lasts longer throughout the day.

Improve Your Pod-based Vape Sessions the TC Way!

Temperature control vaping can dramatically improve your pod mod experience. If you’re interested in exploring this new feature, check out the pod mods that come with TC capability.

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I prefer easy and simple pods

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Great company that cares for there customers! And products are on time and good quality!

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