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If you’ve been a pod-based vaper since the vaping style first launched a few years ago, you know that this technology has evolved faster than we could have ever imagined. As you’re also aware, the earliest pod systems were capable of satisfying thanks to salt-based nicotine, but pretty limiting in terms of vapers’ abilities to find their sweet spots.

Now, however, things have changed, and it’s clear that pod mods are only going to become more advanced and exciting as time goes on.

If you’re in the market for a new pod system, you might be pleased to find a wide selection of kits out there ranging from simple and user-friendly to advanced and versatile. So, how did we get here? We’re gonna provide a brief history of the evolution of the pod system.

How It All Began

Remember what it was like before pod mods were everywhere? Of course, you do, because they’ve only really been a mainstream product for about two years. Before pod mods were a thing, people who wanted to switch from smoking cigarettes to vaping had pretty much two options: e-cigarettes and box mod systems. The former has a reputation for being weak in terms of power, while the latter tends to be a bit too complicated and clunky for those looking for a simple way to use a nicotine replacement product.

Then, pod systems hit the market, and the industry has not been the same ever since. The first pod systems were extremely simple, user-friendly and pocket-friendly setup that combined a slim, low-power battery with a pre-filled juice cartridge. The main attraction of this kit was, of course, salt-based nicotine.

Salt-based nicotine, also known as nicotine salts, was patented as a type of nicotine that’s more potent and stable than the type of nicotine that had been used in vaping products up until then, which is known as freebase nicotine. Salt-based nicotine comes straight from the tobacco plant and gets blended with benzoic acid, allowing it to provide a strong throat hit and a nicotine buzz without feeling harsh against the throat.

Another thing that made pod mod systems so appealing was the fact that they were much more portable and technologically uncomplicated than the box mods that were dominating the industry. This made vaping increasingly accessible than ever before, and as a result, more people have managed to quit smoking thanks to vaping.

But, there was one problem. A lot of these devices couldn’t satisfy every vapers’ needs. A lot of today’s vapers want enormous amounts of power, lots of vapor and the ability to select different preferences in order to customize their experience.

Making Pod Mods More Powerful

When it became clear that pod systems were the future of the industry, more established hardware brands began to take notice. Quickly, every top hardware manufacturer in the business released its own version of the pod system, and with small improvements. While the earliest pod mod systems tended to have batteries that had capacities of, on average, 300mAh, the newer ones that were being released by popular brands had battery capacities that exceeded 500mAh, with some actually boasting 900mAh and higher. Suddenly, pod mods were becoming powerful, and box mod enthusiasts took notice.

Vaping technology is always evolving, so it’s no surprise that many established brands have found innovative ways to make their devices more powerful despite the fact that the sizes of these devices are so slim and compact. Because the newer devices have higher battery capacities, vapers can enjoy higher wattage levels which equals a more powerful vaping experience overall.

Innovative Features that Take Pod-Vaping to the Next Level

Today’s pod mods aren’t just more powerful in terms of battery capacity. Many of them feature unique attributes that contribute to a more satisfying and customizable vape. A lot of today’s pod mods have mechanisms that allow the e-liquid to be heated more quickly, which means a faster ramp-up time. Additionally, it’s easy to find pod systems that boast temperature control features. However, one of the most exciting features to hit the pod mod market is the ability to switch between sub-ohm and standard-ohm coils so that the user can enjoy both freebase nic and salt nic e-juices.

These Devices Continue to Gain “Power”

As pod mods clearly aren’t going anywhere, it’s safe to assume that these portable kits will only get more advanced and powerful in the years to come. And, more powerful devices mean that more vapers’ needs are satisfied, which will help the industry continue to grow and help more people beat their cigarette habits once and for all. For the time-being, however, we can’t really complain. After all, with such a wide variety of pod systems to choose from, it’s not hard to find something that really satisfies our cravings.

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