Properly Using Diluted (Liquid) Nicotine

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Arguably, one of the hardest parts of making homemade e-liquid is handling the Nicotine. Nicotine, especially in higher concentrations, can be very dangerous, which is why today we wanted to talk to you about using diluted nicotine in your homemade e-liquids.

Safety First

First, as we already mentioned, nicotine is dangerous, especially in high concentrations, so using diluted nicotine is the best option for your overall safety. This doesn't mean buying highly concentrated nicotine and diluting it yourself either! Many people look at the price of nicotine and think it's simple enough to buy a high concentration, dilute it themselves and then they'll have a safe-to-work with diluted nicotine. It's not that simple though, even the vapor from concentrated nicotine can cause damage to your lungs and a tiny bit could burn your skin. Also, properly diluting nicotine requires knowledge of chemical titrations. Most nicotine dilutions are measured in mg/ml using the chemical weight to dilute, so that knowledge is important to understand. Unless you're a chemistry professional, it's just best to leave the diluting to the experts. Also, remember that even when using highly diluted nicotine it's important to follow safety instructions and wear proper safety gear such as gloves.

Nicotine Strengths

Nicotine comes in a variety of different strengths from 1mg-20mg or even higher. Obviously, you'll have your own preference for how much nicotine you want to add into your e-juices.

To give you an idea of the strength of nicotine here are some comparisons:

  • Chewing Tobacco: 2mg-20mg (or higher)
  • Cigarettes: 1mg-36mg (or higher)

Traditional Tobacco Cigarette to E-Liquid Equivalents:

  • Nicotine-free cigarette: 0mg
  • Ultra-light: 8mg
  • Light: 11mg
  • Regular: 16mg
  • Strong: 24mg
  • Unfiltered: 36mg

Most moderate vapers stick to a nicotine intake of 12mg-16mg (which as you can see above is equivalent to somewhere between the amount of nicotine in a light to regular cigarette). However, you can go a bit higher or lower depending on your personal preference. For instance, 6mg-8mg is great for beginners or those who don't want to take in too much nicotine and 3mg slowly working down to 0mg is perfect for those who want to quit their nicotine addiction and learn to enjoy the vape without it.

How to Use Diluted Nicotine

Nicotine has a flavor and gives the e-juice a feel of its own, so your chosen recipe may taste different with differing amounts. So, the exact amount you might want to use will change and vary from batch to batch, but that's part of the fun of making e-juice at home!

To prepare the nicotine for use you'll need to use a calculator for making e-juice to determine the amount (or volume) of a mg/ml of nicotine. Typically, calculators made for making e-juices will ask you how much you want to make, the desired strength, if you're adding alcohol, PG/VG percentages, diluted nicotine strength, the PG/VG percent in the nicotine, and what flavors you'll be adding. Obviously, this is a lot to calculate by hand, so using the calculator will help you get the proper nicotine strength you want in your recipe. Measure the nicotine out little-by-little using either a syringe for volume measurements in ml or a scale with grams. Set your nicotine aside. Then, mix your flavors with your base of VG/PG (which is usually 80/20 or 50/50) into a dark bottle. Your diluted nicotine will contain some VG/PG so don't forget to add that into your calculator. When you've mixed your flavor and base, add your pre-measured nicotine into the bottle and mix well. You'll then be ready to steep your mixture if desired.

Making your own e-juices can be a bit overwhelming but understanding how you can use elements like diluted nicotine and using the tools (like calculators) available at your disposal can make it a lot easier to make the perfect batches of e-juice in a safe and effective way.

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