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If you're new to the world of DIY vaping, it's important to know a bit about the basics. One of the most crucial steps to making your own vape juice products is selecting the right propylene glycol for the job. At NicVape, you can get your hands on high-quality propylene glycol that will turn your flavor concoctions into magnificent e-liquids that satisfy in every way.

You can't make vape juice without propylene glycol. This organic compound has been used for decades as a diluting agent in everything from cosmetics to popular foods. When combined with flavor extracts and vegetable glycerin, it turns into a stunning vape juice that hits you in the throat just like a cigarette.

While vegetable glycerin is sticky and sweet, propylene glycol is flavorless and mildly viscous. To produce the most satisfying vape juices imaginable, finding the right balance between these two ingredients is crucial. If you prefer big, puffy clouds over a powerful throat hit, you can use more vegetable glycerin than propylene glycol. However, if that throat hit is exactly what you crave, a vape juice that consists of mostly propylene glycol is crucial.

Whatever it is that you want out of your e-juice creations, propylene glycol is essential. Without it, your juice would burn and produce an unpleasant flavor. When it comes to selecting the right propylene glycol for the job, NicVape has got you covered.

NicVape's propylene glycol is of a pharmaceutical grade and won't interfere with the delicate flavors that you've created for your vaping pleasure. Each batch is carefully tested for quality by a reputable third party. While some vaping distributors sell propylene glycol that comes from questionable sources, NicVape's propylene glycol is manufactured in their very own lab. This allows them to ensure that each batch is consistently high in quality.

The propylene glycol that you can find on NicVape's website is the same product that goes into every single one of their award-winning vape juices. When you purchase propylene glycol from NicVape, you can select from four different sizes. You'll be pleased to find that NicVape doesn't overcharge for their propylene glycol. Therefore, you can grab several bottles without spending loads of cash.

If you're a DIY vape enthusiast who wants to stock up on affordable yet high-quality propylene glycol, NicVape has exactly what you need.

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