Why R&D Matters for The Vape Industry

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Vaping has been around since 2007 when the first electronic cigarette hit the shelves of convenience stores around the world. Since then, the industry has evolved tremendously in order to accommodate the growing and diverse needs of smokers who are looking for a way to quit. Nowadays, vaping technology is so advanced that users can choose between a wide variety of devices in order to satisfy their needs.

The problem is that the vaping industry can only evolve so much because of the fact that research is, well, lacking. Without the proper research and development, the industry is a bit stifled. So, why hasn’t there been a large amount of research regarding vaping? After all, this is a highly successful industry that has changed countless peoples’ lives.

Why is Research and Development Imperative to Our Space?

Vaping is a relatively new technology that was initially developed in order to give people a smoke-free alternative to cigarettes. Needless to say, the product has been able to achieve just that as a large part of the population has ben able to quit smoking for good since picking up a vaping hobby.

The problem is that while more former smokers are realizing that vaping has helped them kick the habit, the research just isn’t there to show that it works in the United States. This means that a large population of smokers still aren’t convinced that vaping is worth a shot.

If only the vaping industry could do more research and product development, they’d be able to provide the community of smokers with factual evidence that their products can help them quit. They would also be able to develop even more advanced technology to satisfy smokers’ needs.

Why Hasn’t There Been Much Research Done on Vaping in the United States?

The vaping industry in the United States hasn’t been able to conduct adequate research because of the fact that it lacks the proper financial backing. After all, research and development are expensive, and the vaping industry, like all industries, needs third-party backing in order to execute large-scale studies relating to its products.

So, why isn’t there enough financial backing to support the vaping industry’s needs to conduct studies? After all, this product has helped so many people quit cigarettes that you’d think the industry would have access to loads of financial support. Well, the problem largely has to do with the FDA. As it stands, the FDA does not support the vaping industry and will not acknowledge vaping as a way to help people quit cigarettes.

As you know, the FDA holds a lot of clout, meaning that the vaping industry is heavily scrutinized because of the FDA’s views. Now, of course, the FDA’s personnel are always changing which means that maybe in the future, the new director will have a more vape-friendly attitude.

However, that’s not to say that there haven’t been some studies regarding vaping that have taken place in the United States. Now that vaping has been around for a few years, independent researchers have been able to study its long-term effects on the body as well as its effectiveness compared to other smoking cessation products. And, the studies look positive so far.

Does the Rest of the World Feel the Same Way?

What’s interesting is that in other countries throughout the world, vaping studies are actively backed by government forces. That’s because many government officials around the world believe that the vaping industry can help with the smoking epidemic that claims so many lives each year.

One country worth noting is England, where government-backed studies have led to changes in legislation that fully support the vaping industry. England has famously shown that vaping is more effective than nicotine gum and nicotine patches when it comes to helping people quit smoking. The country also produced a study that showed that e-cigarettes and vaping products are far less toxic than conventional cigarettes. There have been similar studies in France and Denmark.

So, it appears that the United States is a bit behind the times. Of course, some wonder if this has to do with the financial influence of the tobacco industry in this country. We’ll never know, but it’s still fair to question why an industry that’s so enormously popular just can’t seem to find the proper financial backing to provide studies that could help so many people.

R&D Will Continue to Expand

In order for the vaping industry to thrive, it requires the right financial backing so that more research and development can lead to more effective products to help people get off cigarettes. As it stands, there has been a handful of studies that have supported vaping as an alternative to smoking. Still, the industry is going to need a lot more backing to conduct sufficient research that can change even more lives.

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