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To the disappoint of vaping fans everywhere, more and more politicians are jumping on the bandwagon in an effort to convince us that flavored e-liquids must be banned nationwide. Unsurprisingly, the President himself has spoken out against vaping despite the fact that he clearly knows absolutely nothing about the industry. Now, we at NicVape know the truth regarding these recent stories regarding vaping, and we’re pretty sure that you do too.

That’s why we urge you to support Rump Tobacco™, the only candidate that has your vaping needs at the top of the list of priorities. Rump Tobacco™ won’t let you down like you-know-who because their formulas are clean, fresh, delicious and high in quality.

Rump Tobacco™ is a line of delectable, tobacco-based e-juice flavors that have been specifically formulated to serve as all-day vapes. How did we pull that off, you ask? Well, these flavors are elegantly balanced, and the flavor profiles are softer than the usual offerings that you’ll find. In fact, these e-liquids were formulated to prevent vaper’s tongue.

What’s more, two dollars of every bottle sold will directly go to Fight Flavor Bans, an initiative that aims to stop the spreading of misinformation regarding vaping while ensuring that our beloved flavors go nowhere. The vaping industry needs your support now more than ever, now that anti-vaping propaganda has hit its peak. Purchasing e-liquid from this collection directly benefits the industry, which in turn benefits you as it helps ensure that flavors continue to be sold freely throughout the United States.

After all, in a country that stands for freedom, shouldn’t we be able to choose how we satisfy our nicotine cravings? Thanks to the wide variety of flavors of e-liquids available, vapers can stay off of cigarettes by savoring tastes that remind them of their favorite treats. Without an abundance of flavor options on the market, who knows how many vapers will find themselves going back to cigarettes?

So, if you support freedom of flavors, Rump Tobacco™ is the way to go. Each of these eight juices have more character than a certain someone sitting in the Oval Office, and they’re certain to satisfy your vaping needs.

Barr None: This medium-bodied cigarette tobacco has those nutty and earthy notes that you crave, followed by a nice amount of natural sweetness that hits the spot every time you take a hit.

Billion$ & Billion$: This full-bodied tobacco is richer and bolder than you-know-who, and it’s a great option for those who crave analogs on a regular basis.

Fake News: There’s nothing fake about this potent tobacco flavor that’s the richest one that we offer. A hint of sweetness at the end teases your sweet tooth in the best way possible.

HUGE: Enjoy “yuge” flavor with this delicate tobacco blend that’s earthier, nuttier and smokier than the rest. It offers a wider variety of flavor notes for those who crave something a bit more complex.

No Collusion!: Sun-cured tobacco is drizzled with honey, resulting in a collusion of flavors that no one can possibly try to deny.

Putin’s Pick: Inspired by the taste of a robust Cuban cigar, this Havana tobacco flavor isn’t just for rich, possibly corrupt politicians.

Russian Delight: Medium-bodied tobacco is infused with luxurious vanilla bean, hitting the spot like a rich dessert.

Sharpie-Gate: This medium-bodied tobacco tastes the most like analogs, and we don’t have to lie to prove ourselves right since we know it’s that good.

Keep Vaping Strong

We at NicVape absolutely do not support the proposed flavor bans that are being discussed among our elected officials, and we’ve decided to do something about it. The Rump Tobacco™ collection directly supports the industry’s right to offer a wide variety of flavors to customers.

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