Scented or Unscented CBD Body Lotion: You Decide!

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If there’s one thing that we can’t recommend enough to our customers, it’s CBD body lotion. This exciting topical product is taking over the hemp market, and for good reason. Not only does this lotion keep the skin soft, supple and smooth, but it also allows the skin and muscles to receive a generous dose of quality CBD that is known for its many unique and soothing properties.

Here at NicVape, we offer a great selection of CBD lotions that are each made with the highest-quality hemp extract available. Now, when choosing the right CBD body lotion, you need to make some important decisions to ensure you have the best experience. For one thing, you have to choose the right potency level for your needs. You also have to find a formula that contains ingredients that appeal to you.

Another thing you must choose is whether or not you wish for your body lotion to be scented. Both scented and unscented options are available, and today, we’ll be talking about the pros and cons of each.


Scented CBD body lotions are great for those who want a light fragrance throughout the day. Most CBD body lotion fragrances come from essential oils, which are totally natural and therefore boast a very clean aroma. As an added bonus, essential oils have aromatherapeutic properties, which means that just breathing them in can benefit your mood naturally. Further, many essential oils that give body lotions their delicious scents also boast properties that can be quite beneficial to the skin.


Unscented body lotions don’t contain any fragrance compounds, which makes them ideal for people who are sensitive to fragrance, as well as those who already wear fragrance during the day and therefore don’t want to give off conflicting scents. Unscented body lotions may not have aromatherapeutic properties, but that hardly matters since at the end of the day, the goal of using a CBD body lotion is, of course, to provide your body with a topical dose of quality hemp.

The Body Lotion Choice is Yours to Make

Whether you go with scented or unscented CBD body lotion, you’ll be giving your body the hemp that it knows and loves while moisturizing yourself from head to toe. Both exceptional options that are all made with top-notch ingredients.

What are you waiting for? Check out what we have available to start your topical CBD journey today.

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