See the Vaping Difference: Tank Coils and Pod Cartridge Coils

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If you're interested in exploring the world of pod-based systems, it's important that you understand how this type of hardware differs from the sub-ohm components that so many of us are used to.

When a vaper switches from sub-ohming to vaping with a pod system, they have to invest in a totally new setup. The device as well as the type of e-liquid must change. This is because pods utilize salt nic e-juices and therefore require different technology.

When it comes to sub-ohming, the coil that you use with your tank greatly dictates the quality of your vaping experience. With pod systems, the coil is also a crucial component of the setup. However, the coils thatre compatible with cartridges are a far cry from the large, cotton-filled coils that we're used to buying.

Here are just some of the key differences:


One of the most obvious differences between the two types of coils is their size. The coils that are compatible with vape tanks must be large so that they can handle the large output levels of one's device as well as the enormous amount of e-liquid that's required in order to keep the wick saturated.

The coils that come with pod cartridge are, of course, much smaller. Plus, they're often invisible, built into the atomizer that comes with the pod mod. Unlike traditional coils, they aren't switched out individually. Rather, the atomizer itself is replaced from time to time.

Wicking Material

We all know that Organic Japanese Cotton is the standard wicking material when it comes to vape tank coils. However, this material is simply too thick and absorbent for the coils that come with pod systems.

Pod cartridges tend to have coils that use synthetic fibers as wicking materials. These fibers absorb just enough juice to produce satisfying puffs. Also, while sub-ohm coils have large, thick pieces of cotton, cartridge coils tend to have wicks that are very skinny and short.

Resistance Level

One of the most important differences between these two coil styles is the resistance level. Because traditional vaping systems are designed to produce massive clouds at high output levels, the coils must have a resistance level that's below one ohm.

However, pod systems are low-wattage devices that are designed for mouth-to-lung(MTL) vaping. Therefore, the resistance level of the coil that's compatible with this device is above one ohm.

Device Compatibility

It should go without saying that a conventional vape tank coil is not compatible with a pod system. Similarly, a pod cartridge coil can never be used with a box mod vaping setup.


Because of the way in which the coil of a pod system works, it tends to last for a much longer period of time than a sub-ohm coil. Sub-ohm coils are exposed to much more heat, causing them to burn out fairly quickly.

E-Liquid Compatibility

Simply put, a pod cartridge coil is designed for salt-based juices. If you try to use a freebased juice with this cartridge, you won't be able to vape.

Good Coil Knowledge to Keep in Mind

Knowing the difference between tank coils and pod cartridge coils will help you better grasp the technology behind the pod-based style of vaping.

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Prodigal January 13, 2019 1:15 PM reply
These are great! Been using the Minifit a few days now. So far much better than a more expensive pod system I've been using. The flavor comes through clean and strong. Using a 50mg/ml mix I only have to refill it once per day.

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Vionlo33 January 25, 2019 8:31 AM reply
New to the vaping world and these look fun! Seems to be very straight forward and simple to use.

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BigDaddyEcig February 1, 2019 11:01 PM reply
I have been vaping a long time now, or at least it seems like a long time. 7 or 8 years I think. I started out using an Ego clone from some obscure online place, and I was not only hooked, but quit smoking COLD the day it came in the mail. I was at 2 packs a day so I thought these things were impressive. I immediately jumped in with both feet. First I started making home made mods, then I learned to make my own liquids, then I got out my soldering station and dusty, old electronics tools and started making my own e-cig mods out of anything that would either look good or be incredibly funny. Once I was making my own mods and liquids I began converting everyone I know to quit smoking and start vaping. I managed to get every relative and friend who still smoked to join my vaping cult. Not all of them made it. Looking into this new salt nic fad going on I think this will be a handy and possibly effective means of getting some of those smokers I know to succeed with vaping if they give it a try and I start making some really good salt liquids for them to use. I've never used a POD before, are they better or worst then something like a standard Joyetech AIO device? I always gave free homemade e-cigs (boxes, flashlights, altoids tins, etc) to people I was close to, but some of the more technically challenged ones.. I think the proper term was usually Old Person, I had to buy AIO devices for them. Honestly I was impressed if I didn't have to get them something with an auto drag sensor so as to avoid the challenges of a button. I have no problem paying the way to getting a loved one to start vaping. Then they can pay if they stick with it. These POD devices are intriguing though. Would a POD be better with salts then say a standard 510 type device with like a 1.5ohm coil? I could make it any normal resistance strength though. All kidding aside, I really do see this as a potential to glom on to some of the tobacco holdouts. Does anyone know what sort of study(ies) have been d

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JohnL February 27, 2019 8:29 PM reply
I pushed a coworker to get one of these. Easy setup, easy maintenance, and easy way with suit smoking. He wants the short term and expedient way to quit smoking, and this seems perfect for him. I prefer my model and tank setup and making my own juices over something AIO, but I definitely see how this is the best solution for alot of other people out there.

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