Solutions to Clearomizer Problems

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As with everything else in this world, there comes a time when you will have a problem with your vaping device. There is no need to panic because most problems can be fixed.


Having a burnt taste while vaping is the most common type of problem you may face with your device. This problem arises often and frequently, especially if you do not change the coil on time or get a bad coil.

The burnt taste comes from a bad coil or a coil that has been used longer than it should have been. When the coil is not receiving the proper amount of e-juice it will burn the wick instead of the e-juice. The burning wick is what causes your e-juice to have a burnt taste to it.

  • One way to get rid of the burnt taste is to change the coil.
  • If this doesn’t work, then your juice may be too thick. When changing the coil doesn’t work, you may want to try a thinner juice.

Sometimes when you put the clearomizer back on your vaping device you may experience a lack of airflow. A lack of airflow may feel like you have a blockage or that the air is being cut off.

  • The easiest solution to lacking airflow is to loosen your clearomizer from the other part of your device.
  • If this solution does not work your e-juice may have made sludge inside your clearomizer. To get rid of the sludge, you will need to clean your clearomizer and other parts of your device where the e-juice travels. Cleaning your device will help restore the airflow if loosening the parts does not.

There are a few reasons why your vaping device may be lacking vapor production.

  • The first thing you would want to check is the airflow. If the airflow is not sufficient enough then you would lack vapor production. You will want to adjust the airflow valves to the right position to get the proper vapor production.
  • Another solution to fix a lacking vapor production is to change the coil. An overused or bad coil can hinder vapor production. An easy solution would be to change the coil.
  • The third reason for poor vapor production would be the voltage. Some devices can use more than one coil which have different voltage to them. Changing to a higher voltage coil can improve vapor production. If the vaping device you are using can only use one coil, then it would be the battery causing the problem. If it is the battery, then make sure to fully charge the battery to fix the lacking vapor production.

There are 2 common reasons why your clearomizer is not working properly. The coil and it not making proper connection with the bottom part of the device. The connection points not meeting properly is the main problem.

To fix the connection points you would need a flat head screwdriver. With the screwdriver you would maneuver the connector on the bottom part of the clearomizer down a tad. This would help to make the connections touch properly.

No matter if you are a beginner or have been vaping for a while, there are four main clearomizer problems you may encounter. Whatever the problem is, you will be able to fix it and get your device working properly again.

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