Still Going Strong with Nic Salts

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There are a lot of ways in which switching from a sub-ohm setup to a pod mod setup benefits you as a vaper. For one thing, in most instances, save a good amount of money since every aspect of pod-based vaping is less expensive. Additionally, you’ll likely find that the nicotine salts are way more satisfying than freebase nicotine. And, of course, using a pod system is way more convenient in every way thanks to its portable size, its minimalistic interface and the fact that it requires far less maintenance.

So, what is it about this type of juice that makes us go through it at a much slower pace? Actually, there are several reasons, and we’ll be getting into all of them today.

What Makes Nicotine Salts So Unique?

First, in order to understand why this type of e-liquid seems to last so much longer than its freebase counterpart, we have to briefly explain how these two types of vape juice differ. Freebase nicotine is an unstable, chemically modified type of nicotine that feels extremely harsh against the throat at high temperatures. Therefore, vapers have to go with low nicotine concentrations if they want to vape at high wattage levels.

With salt-based nicotine, users can get an extremely potent hit of nicotine per puff while using a low wattage device. That’s because nicotine salts are taken from the tobacco plant and combined with benzoic acid in order to be incredibly stable.

Why Salt-Based Vape Juices Can Last Longer than Freebase Nic E-Liquids

There is another unexpected benefit to switching to this vaping style, and it’s the fact that you’ll almost definitely go through e-liquid far less frequently.

VG/PG Ratio

If you used a sub-ohm vaping device, you likely bought vape juices that had high VG to PG ratios. That’s because vegetable glycerin is a thicker substance that can handle high temperatures without burning. It’s also because high VG e-liquids produce thicker clouds due to the thicker consistency of the vape juice.

The problem is that high VG e-liquid has less volume than high PG e-liquid. So, if you were vaping a high VG vape juice, you probably had to run out and restock pretty frequently.

Salt nic vape juices have balanced 50/50 ratios of vegetable glycerin to propylene glycol. This is because this ratio seems to be best with the small range of output levels of low-wattage pod mod systems. After all, you only needed to adjust your ratio while using a sub-ohm system because of the wide range of output levels from which you could choose.

Because salt nic vape juices have 50/50 ratios, they have more volume per milliliter. This means that you won’t go through nearly as much e-liquid per hit.

The Device You’re Using

The higher the wattage of your device, the more e-liquid you’ll go through, plain and simple. High wattages cause your coils to reach higher temperatures which means that more e-liquid is evaporated per hit. Think of it like boiling water on a stove. If you put the burner all the way up, the water will be gone within a short period of time. But, if you keep that burner on low, the water won’t evaporate at nearly as rapid a rate.

Pod systems are low-wattage devices, which means that less e-liquid is evaporated per hit. This means that in the long run, you’ll go through vape juice at a much slower rate. Besides, the coils that are used with pod cartridges only hold a little bit of vape juice at a time, which means that not nearly as much e-liquid is getting evaporated per pull.

The Type of Nicotine

Also, the type of nicotine makes a huge difference. Most vapers are former smokers who above all else want to satisfy their nicotine cravings. Salt-based nicotine provides a far stronger nicotine dose per puff, which is why many vapers find that they’re satisfied after just a couple of hits. With sub-ohm devices, that nicotine content is pretty low which means that vapers have to take far more hits in order to get a satisfying dose of nicotine.

The Potency of the Nicotine

Also, some salt nic e-liquid brands offer extremely high nicotine concentrations. This means that users can satisfy those cravings further with just one or two hits.

Nic Salt E-Juices Just Keep on Lasting

As you can see, there are a number of reasons why this is the case. So, enjoy your new pod-based vaping life and savor those savings!

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