Sweet and Fruity Vape Flavors or Tobacco Vape Flavors - You Decide

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Today, vapers can enjoy everything from rich cheesecakes to fruity hard candies while they vape as well as traditional and mixed tobacco flavors. According to one study, adult vapers prefer sweet flavors over vape juices that are created to replicate the taste of tobacco. No experienced vape enthusiast should be surprised by this study. After all, when a person steps inside a vape shop, they can see hundreds of sweet vape juice flavors lining the shelves. Meanwhile, tobacco flavors tend to be in the minority.

Why Adult Vape Enthusiasts Prefer Sweet Flavors

Up until 2013, vapers tended to prefer tobacco-flavored vape juices. This piece of data has a lot to do with the fact that back then, there simply weren't as many options in terms of vape juice flavors. Today, there are new juice brands popping up every week. To separate themselves from other manufacturers, they strive to create innovative, one-of-a-kind vape juice flavors. As a result, the variety of sweet flavors is growing constantly.

Research shows that most adult vapers who once smoked tobacco cigarettes initially start off by vaping a tobacco flavor. However, as time goes on, they begin to experiment with sweet flavors. Among the most popular categories of sweet flavors are candies, beverages and fruits. Currently, only about 14 percent of adult vape enthusiasts prefer tobacco flavors.

Part of the reason why so many adults crave sweet flavors is because they can satisfy sugar cravings without causing the user to consume any calories. If an adult has a love for sugary candies, they can get their candy fix by vaping a candy-inspired e-liquid without any of the guilt.

There's also a large population of vapers who prefer menthol flavors. For many, it's because they once smoked menthol cigarettes. For others, that cool menthol punch is irresistibly refreshing.

It goes without saying that vapers ho never smoked cigarettes before tend to go for sweet flavors right off the bat. Because they're not trying to satisfy a cigarette addiction, they're much more open-minded to the variety of sweet flavors that are out there.

Of course, because of how appealing these sweet flavors can be, there can be some controversy. However, as the vaping community continues to band together and hold strong, this will hopefully be able to be worked out properly.

Time Will Tell

Whether you crave fruity, sweet, menthol or tobacco flavors, it's safe to say that the variety of vape juice flavors available today is nothing short of astounding. Time will tell if the FDA feels that flavored e-liquids need to be taken off the shelves. Until then, vapers should continue to enjoy the flavors that they love without any of the guilt.

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