Switching from E-Juice Flavor to E-Juice Flavor Without Getting a Bad Taste

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Let's assume that you have been hearing about this great e-liquid at NicVape and want to try it out. The only problem is that you have only one tank, which still contains traces of a different e-liquid. If you happen to mix the two, you would get a pretty bad taste. So, you’re wondering how you can switch e-liquids, using the same tank, and not get a bad taste.

Here are some few tricks to do so:

Clean the Tank

To clean any traces of the old e-liquid, you first need to clean the tank. If you have any liquid remaining, unscrew your tank, from both the battery case and the atomizer and pour the it out. Use a soft cloth to get rid of any residue that is stuck on the sides of your tank. Next, get some warm water and rinse your tank thoroughly. And, if your tank material allows it, you can rinse using warm water mixed with a mild detergent. After cleaning your tank, leave it to dry. You need a tank that is dry to ensure that your new e-liquid is not diluted.

Clean Your Coils and Wicks

Once you are done cleaning the tank, you need to clean the coils and wick. There are two ways of doing so. First, you can use a non-flavored e-liquid or pure propylene glycol and saturate your coil and wicks with it. This is helpful in getting rid of flavor traces from your old e-liquid. Secondly, you can use warm water to rinse. Repeat this a few times, to leave nothing to chance. After, leave your coils and wick in a dry airy place so that they can dry. Once dry, assemble your vaping device, pour the new e-juice, enjoy your new vape and thank me later.

Try Dripping

If you don't want to go through the hassle of cleaning your tank, coils and wick, then dripping is the way to go. For vaping aficionados who love to try new vaper every now and then, cleaning tanks and coils might seem like too much. Instead of doing so, you can simply invest in a rebuildable dripping atomizer. RDA are systems that allow you to vape while directly dripping in your wicks and coils. Because, it only has a well and not a tank system, the e-liquid is exhausted fast. Dripping is a cost-effective method of changing flavors without having to purchase a new tank. However, you need to be very cautious with dripping. Otherwise, you will end up getting dry hits. That is why, it is recommended for vapers who are experienced.

Flavor Really is Everything

A good flavor determines whether you will enjoy vaping or will keep backsliding to traditional tobacco cigarette smoking. But, before you find the perfect flavor, you might have to experiment with a few flavors. And, to get the whole goodness out of an e-liquid, it must not be mixed with another e-liquid. Cleaning your tank, coils and wick might require patience and energy and the art of dripping might be overwhelming. However, once you get your perfect flavor, I guarantee you that it’ll be worth your while.

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