Telling If Your E-Juice Batch Is Ready by Its Color

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If you're a DIY vaper chances are you've thought of or made your own batch of e-juice. In fact, steeping e-juice is a common process in the vaping community. Sometimes it can be difficult to tell if your e-juice is ready, so today we wanted to talk about looking at the color of your e-juice to determine if it's done steeping.

Why Steep?

First, if you're steeping e-juice you probably know that most store-bought juice is not steeped yet the time from manufacturer to consumer use often mellows out the flavor and combines the ingredients. Homemade e-juice if not steeped however, will have a harsh flavor and need to be steeped for the best vaping experience. Steeping, if you are unaware, is the process of letting your vape juice mix completely together while also oxidizing. The mixing ensures that ingredients like nicotine, VG/PG and flavorings are blended to create a good juice. The oxidation process takes out the harsher ingredients or components of ingredients, such as alcohol. Once you've properly steeped your e-juice you should have a mellow, light and pleasing flavor to vape.

One thing to keep in mind is that if you are making a lighter flavored fruity e-juice, such as kiwi, steeping can cause the flavor to become so light that it disappears all together.

How to Steep E-Juice

There are many ways to steep e-juice, but ultimately the process includes heating the juice, shaking it, and aerating it. One of the simplest ways to do this is to place your vape juice in a dark area and shake once a day for 5-30 days, briefly opening the lid on occasion to aid in the oxidation process. The longer the steep, the lighter the flavors. So, in other words, you'll experiment with how long each flavor needs to be steeped.

How to Tell If Your E-juice is Done Steeping?

There are many ways to tell if your e-juice has been properly steeped such as smelling it, tasting it, and of course looking at the color.

If your e-liquid is alcohol based you should be able to smell the alcohol before steeping, but not afterwards. Tasting your juice before and after for harsh chemical flavors can also help you determine if it has properly steeped, but the most reliable way is to identify a change in color.

Looking at the Color of Your E-Juice to Determine

The longer the e-juice steeps the darker it will become. This is due to an oxidation of the nicotine in the juice. The more nicotine in the juice, the more of color change you should see. So, a change in color tells you that the e-juice is oxidizing and thus steeping properly.

Why’s Color an Important Factor?

Since each flavor, the amount of nicotine and the VG/PG combinations can result in different colored juices and each of those combinations will have its own specific flavor, you can experiment with various times for steeping and use color to track the results. Some juices might be best when they are amber in color, others will end up dark brown, or still others, like those light fruit flavors we talked about, may be pretty much clear when they are "ready". You should use the color to track the oxidation process and learn to identify how you best like your e-juices.

So, there you have it, you're now ready to start letting your e-juices steep and use color to identify changes in your juices that can make them better!

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Koda's Klouds April 10, 2018 1:37 PM reply
great info about steeping

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Marcus G. Jiles December 16, 2018 5:42 AM reply
In my personal experience, that was surprisingly, that when I warm the bottle in boil water with my mixed e liquid to fast the mixing process, more than half nicotine strength was gone from the bottle. Marcus ||

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