The 6 Coil Factors

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If you’re a relatively new vaper, you have probably recently started considering how to choose the right coils for your vaping setup in order to enjoy the most satisfying vape imaginable. As you have figured out by now, there’s a seemingly endless supply of coils on the market, with each one claiming to be the one that can best take care of your vaping needs.

So, how do you know which coil to go with when there are so many from which to choose? Well, for one thing, you have to understand what a coil is and how it works in order to grasp what it is that makes choosing the right one so crucial.

To put it simply, there are six different factors to consider when picking out a coil for your setup, and we will be breaking down each of those factors in this article. This way, you’ll have no problem choosing the perfect one to use with your mod and tank. By the end of this article, you’ll have a very good understanding of what each coil on the market is best suited for in terms of hardware and vaping experience.

Basics of Vape Coils

Before we break down the six characteristics of vape coils, we need to provide a basic explanation of what coils are, exactly. After all, most vapers know that they must be installed in the tank of a device, and that they have something to do with heat. However, coils are actually very complex pieces of hardware that have almost everything to do with whether or not you enjoy your vaping experience.

Coils are heating elements- they use the power of the battery to heat up. Once they’ve reached the right temperature, they allow the e-liquid to turn into luxurious vapor that can easily be inhaled.

Coils consist of a couple of components. There’s the actual coil, which is a coil of wire that absorbs heat very efficiently. Then, there’s the wick, which is a piece of cotton or another absorbent material. The wick absorbs the e-juice, allowing the wire to vaporize the liquid that’s absorbed into the wick. Then, there’s usually some type of wall, often made of metal, that protects the interior components.

Why Do So Many Different Coils Exist?

So many different coils exist because so many different types of vaping setups exist, and so many different vaping preferences exist. For instance, some coils are more suited for extremely high wattage levels that produce enormous clouds. Other coils work best with low-wattage systems that focus on flavor.

Pod Coils vs. Traditional Tank Coils

Now, let’s quickly explain the difference between pod coils and traditional coils used with standard vape tanks. Pod cartridges are used with pod mods, and they are designed to vaporize salt nic e-liquid. These coils are very small, as are the pods themselves. Meanwhile, traditional coils are much larger, and, unlike pod coils, they’re not attached to the atomizer. Rather, they are separate hardware pieces that are installed into the tank and then disposed of when they eventually burn out.

Factor #1: Size

Now, let’s get into the six factors that differentiate one coil from another. The first one is size. And, in the case of coils, size refers to diameter. Essentially, the size of a coil reflects the space between the coil itself and the outer wall. The larger the coil, it’s believed, the denser and more abundant the vapor will be. The smaller, or tighter, the coil, the more pronounced the flavor will be. This is because of the way in which a coil’s diameter affects airflow.

Factor #2: Compatibility

Compatibility is a very important factor to consider. For one thing, different coil models work with different tanks. Sub-ohm coils, for example, are only compatible with sub-ohm tanks, while pod mod coils are only compatible with pod cartridges. You cannot use a pod coil with a sub-ohm tank under any circumstances, as it simply will not work.

Factor #3: Ohms (Resistance Level)

Now, let’s get into ohms. An ohm is simply a measurement of resistance level. Ohm’s Law is a scientific law that determines the resistance level that a coil must possess in order to be compatible with the output level of an electronic device. Therefore, each output level range of your mod requires a different coil resistance level. In other words, if you vape between 180 and 200 watts, you can only use one specific resistance level, while those who vape between 50 and 70 watts must use a different resistance level.

This is, perhaps, the most important factor to take into account. Using the wrong resistance level with your mod’s output level can damage the coil and even damage your mod. At the very least, it won’t make for a pleasant vaping experience.

As a rule, the higher your output level, the lower your coil’s resistance level must be. For example, sub-ohm coils that are used with high-power vaping devices have less than one ohm, hence the name. Meanwhile, because pod mods are low-wattage devices, the resistance levels of the accompanying coils are quite high.

Factor #4: Brand

Another thing to consider is the manufacturer of the coil. For one thing, almost every hardware brand that produces tanks or cartridges also produces compatible coils. It’s always best, in our opinion, to use the coil that was specifically made to be used with the tank. After all, the manufacturer went to a lot of trouble to ensure that the coil brings out the best features of the tank.

Another thing to keep in mind when choosing a brand from which to buy your coils is the quality of the coils that they produce. There are lots of hardware brands out there these days, and not all of them produce high-quality, resilient and reliable coils. So, always stick with a brand that has a good reputation for delivering quality, long-lasting hardware.

Factor #5: Vaper’s Preference

Next, you have to consider you own vaping preferences. Some coils are designed to give you the biggest, puffiest clouds, while others are designed to give you a really strong flavor experience. You’ll clearly see in the product description what the coil is capable of doing in terms of your vaping experience, allowing you to pick out a coil according to your preferences.

Factor #6: Price

Lastly, you must consider the price. Obviously, you don’t want to spend an unnecessary amount of money on a coil, especially considering the fact that coils are disposable. However, you don’t want to spend too little either. Coils that are extremely cheap are likely not going to give you the vaping experience that you want, simply because they are made with low-quality ingredients. So, compare prices to make sure you get the right ones for your needs.

The World of Vape Coils Might Be a Bit Intimidating to the Novice…

But understanding these six unique factors will allow you to grasp them on a much deeper level. This way, when the time comes to purchase a new coil, you’ll be able to grab one that really suits your vaping needs.

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