The Proper Ways to Drip

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Dripping refers to the act of dripping a small amount of e-liquid directly onto the coil of the atomizer. This differs from how you would typically fill up an entire cart with juice. The benefits to dripping are denser vapor clouds and fresher and more potent flavors. This is also a good technique to use if you like to smoke several different flavors in one vape session. You use a cartomizer and fill up the whole tank then you will have to switch them out between each vape.

To drip, you can start with the atomizer which is usually built into the cartridge. Simply pull the rubber part off, scrape out the excess material, drop in a little bit of liquid, replace the rubber tip and get to business. Many people prefer to move on from this technique and use an atomizer that has a raised metal collar. These are typically found in atomizers that have a plug for a small tank. In this type, you just need to drop the liquid onto the coil, close the tip, and enjoy.

To begin with, place 2 or 3 drops of liquid in. This should last you about ten draws before the flavor starts to fade. The exact number of draws each drop will get you depends on a variety of factors. Some of these factors include the thickness of the liquid, type of atomizer and strength of your breath intake. The flavor of vegetable glycerin, given its thicker consistency, will last longer than another e-juice.

Dripping largely depends on your experience and common sense. It will take some time to perfect a good dripping technique and it is different for everyone. Equipment plays a large role in fine tuning your drip. Try to avoid putting in too much liquid because it can start to leak into the air holes and flood out of the atomizer and onto the battery. After a little trial and error, this should be less of a concern and you can start dripping without fear of flooding or other damages.

You’ll be able to tell when it is time to add a couple more drops because the flavor will start fading or tasting a little bit burned. If you don’t pick up on these signs, the atomizer will begin to heat up and at that point you should not push it further without risking the device. If you ignore these signs you might burn out your atomizer. The flavors you use is entirely up to personal preference, but most people like to use similarly flavored juices if they want some variety. However, if you like a bit of contrast while you vape, it is a good idea to clean or switch out the atomizer between flavor changes. An easy way to do this is to blow the remains out one side.

Follow these tips and with a little practice you will be dripping like an expert in no time. Dripping is a great way to mix things up and it is also a good choice when you only want a few draws and do not want to fill up a whole tank.

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