The Steeping Effects When Moving Small Pre-Bottled E-Liquids to Large Empty Bottles

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Many experienced vapers find that putting pre-bottled e-liquids into large, empty bottles helps them consolidate their supply and help with storage. But, how does this practice affect the steeping process that so many of us rely on to ensure a better flavor? Today, we’ll be answering that question in detail. As you’ll see, putting pre-bottled vape juice into large bottles can definitely impact steeping.

Why You Should Consider Putting E-Liquids into Larger Bottles After Steeping

Based on the science of steeping, it’s probably better to hold off on putting your liquids into large bottles until after the process is complete. Now, let’s break down the reasons why this seems to be the case.

Reason #1: More Space in the Bottle Means a Higher Chance of Over-Oxidization

One issue is that the goal of steeping is exercising complete control over the oxygen level in a bottle containing vape juice, and putting the vape juice into large bottles means that you’ll most likely have a good amount of space in the bottle that’s left over. This allows oxygen to easily mix in with the vape juice formula, risking over-steeping.

Reason #2: Large Refillable Bottles May Not Be Airtight

When steeping, it’s crucial that you have airtight bottles. Some refillable bottles may not be as airtight as you think. Meanwhile, vape juice that’s pre-bottled comes with an airtight seal around the cap that is extremely efficient at keeping oxygen out of the bottle.

Reason #3: Many Large Empty Bottles are Made with Cheap Materials

Plus, many of the large, empty bottles that we buy are made with materials that let light and heat in. Heat and light are two factors that interfere with steeping. Therefore, large, empty bottles may be great for storing e-liquid, but not necessarily for the steeping process. Thin plastic materials are especially prone to exposing your vape juice to unfavorable conditions as far as steeping is concerned. Most reputable juice companies, meanwhile, use high-grade bottles that are made to block light and heat.

Bottled Up and Steeped

Steeping vape juice remains a highly popular practice among those who desire the absolute best from their e-liquid formula. It can bring out a richer flavor, and even boost the nicotine’s potency. But, in order to steep properly, it may be best to leave that e-liquid in the bottle it came in, and only add it to a large bottle after the steeping process is complete.

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