The Sudden Rise in Pyrex Vape Tanks Amongst the Cloud Chasing Community

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If you’re a cloud-chaser, then you likely know about the importance of choosing the right setup components to ensure maximum vapor production with each and every hit fired from your mod. It’s important to go with a high VG e-juice and a sub-ohm vaping system consisting of a high-wattage mod and low-resistance level coil.

But there’s another crucial aspect that’s commonly overlooked, despite being just as important as the rest, and it’s the material from which your vape tank is made. Vape tanks typically consist of stainless steel and some sort of clear material that surrounds the juice well. The material from which that clear component is made has a lot to do with whether or not you’ll be able to have a successful cloud-chasing session.

When it comes to chasing clouds with a sub-ohm vaping setup, it’s widely agreed upon that Pyrex is the way to go. This material has been around for ages, and now it’s one of the most commonly used throughout the vape hardware community. Today, we will be talking about why.

What is Pyrex, Anyway?

Pyrex is a material that was first invented in 1915, and as developed to be a very sturdy and heat-resistant alternative to the more traditional glass that was being used at the time. Up until then, most glass pieces were extremely thin and prone to shattering. Pyrex is unique in that it’s made using silica and boric acid, which are heated to a very high temperature so that the resulting material becomes molten, making it highly resilient, not to mention easy to mold without risk of shattering or cracking during the process.

Many of us are already using Pyrex in our daily lives. Tupperware made from Pyrex glass is known for being extremely strong and durable and can handle the temperatures that are reached during the reheating process. Pyrex is even considered ovenproof, hence the popularity of Pyrex glass casserole dishes.

How Does this Apply to Vaping?

Well, up until a few years ago, standard vape tanks were made from either plastic or standard glass materials. This would be okay if vaping output levels were so low that tanks never got too hot. But, with the popularity of sub-ohm vaping came extremely high wattage and temperature levels, which must be reached in order to produce a lot of vapor that is conducive to cloud-chasing, or the pursuit of forming huge, thick and fluffy vape clouds.

Therefore, naturally, Pyrex glass became the new standard for vape tanks. This glass can handle the high heat of high-powered vaping setups. Further, it’s less likely to shatter or crack when dropped onto the ground.

Variety of Pyrex Tanks that are Available on the Vaping Market

Pyrex vape tanks are extremely easy to find nowadays, and it’s more common to find tanks made with this material than ones made without it. But, as any vaper will tell you, that doesn’t mean that all Pyrex tanks are created equally. Pyrex tanks come in all different styles, shapes, and designs, and we’ll be breaking down some of the major ways in which they can vary.

Difference #1: Size

One of the biggest differences between Pyrex tanks is size. When we say size, we’re referring to the liquid capacity of a particular tank. Basically, all vape hardware companies make Pyrex tanks to be used with their mods, and each tank can have its own unique capacity. Tanks for smaller setups can contain as little as two milliliters of vape juice, while more robust systems can fit up to seven milliliters.

Difference #2: Mouthpiece

The mouthpiece of a Pyrex tank is typically called a drip tip, and it acts as a chimney, concentrating the vapor. Different sizes and widths have different effects on your overall vaping experience.

Difference #3: Shapes

Of course, tanks can have different shapes. Most use a standard cylindrical Pyrex piece, but others use bulbous or bubble-like pieces that allow you to fit more e-liquid into them without greatly increasing the overall size of the tank itself.

Choosing the Right Pyrex Tank for Your Setup

How do you go about doing this, you might be wondering? Well, if your main intent is to chase clouds, then you’ll want to make sure you have a tank that’s sturdy and offers a fairly generous juice capacity. Now, the easiest way to ensure a perfect match is to simply buy the tank that is made specifically for the mod that you’re using, if there is one. If this method doesn’t work for whatever reason, however, just make sure that you buy a tank that is made with sturdy materials and can hold at least 4mL of e-juice.

Pyrex tanks are the way to go if you want to blow big clouds at high output levels. This material can handle high temperatures produced by your mod, while adding to the overall durability of your vaping setup.

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