Time to Get Vape Creative and Flavorful at NicVape!

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If you feel like you’ve gone through all of the NicVape e-liquid flavors that we offer and have run out of new ways to tempt your palate, think again. Now that you’ve explored the full variety of vape juices that we have, it’s time to get creative and mix them together. That’s right – by blending together two of our signature e-liquids, you can enjoy a whole new taste experience like never before.

Need some help in the creativity department? No problem. Below, you’ll discover five flavor blends that we absolutely can’t get enough of.

NicVape Flavor Combination #1: At Ease and Bouncing Betty

If your taste buds prefer the refreshing flavor of fresh fruits over sugary desserts and syrupy candies, we’ve got the ultimate flavor blend for you. At Ease with Bouncing Betty provides your tongue with a beautiful combination of fruits that we associate with the summer season, meaning that each puff will give you the taste of summer’s bounty. Bouncing Betty provides tart and sweet notes of plump berries while At Ease soothes you with the crisp and smooth taste of freshly cut honeydew melon.

NicVape Flavor Combination #2: On-The-Double and Camouflage

Looking for the ultimate breakfast vape? On-The-Double and Camouflage are a match made in heaven. While the former gives you the sweet and savory taste of honey-coated granola, Camouflage provides you with a velvety, creamy backdrop of tangy Greek yogurt in addition to juicy strawberries.

NicVape Flavor Combination #3: Bold Tobacco and Drops Cherry

If you’re a tobacco enthusiast who wants a more refined, complex flavor, we suggest mixing Bold Tobacco with Drops Cherry. The end result is a deeply satisfying taste that’s reminiscent of fine pipe tobacco. In fact, this is one of the most intoxicating blends that we’ve ever tasted. The rich, smoky taste of the tobacco blends beautifully with the sweetness and subtle tartness of the cherries.

NicVape Flavor Combination #4: Arch Angel and Pineapple

If you’re all about those decadent desserts, just wait until you blend Arch Angel with Pineapple. Arch Angel is a moist, freshly baked angelfood cake, and when you combine it with our signature pineapple e-liquid, you get a taste that will make you swear you’re indulging in pineapple upside-down cake. Need we say more?

NicVape Flavor Combination #5: Drops Vanilla and Origins Roots

Perhaps our very favorite e-liquid blend is Drops Vanilla and Origins Roots. By adding our warm, creamy vanilla flavor to our popular root beer e-liquid, you get a taste that reminds you of delicious cream soda. The vanilla makes the cola flavor all the more decadent, and we’re certain that you’ll want to vape this combo to the last drop. Prepare yourself for this enchanting combination of tastes.

Get Those Creative Vape Juices Flowing

If you want to enjoy exquisite flavor on a whole new level, we urge you to give any of these flavor blends a try. Or, get creative and mix your own NicVape e-juices. The possibilities are endless!

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