Tips for Cleaning Your Gunked Up Open Pod Cartridges

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Can you recall the last time you really looked inside that open pod cartridge? Well, doing so is more important than you may think, primarily because of juice gunk, a common issue that most vapers encounter from time to time. Juice gunk refers to the sticky, gunky and dark residue that builds up within a pod cartridge as a result of the sugars in an e-liquid burning repeatedly. Juice gunk can cause issues with your vaping experience if left unchecked.

Now, while it’s less common with pod systems than it is with sub-ohm tanks, it still happens, and it’s something that you’ll want to get on top of as soon as possible.

The Problem with Juice Gunk

Juice gunk isn’t just visually unappealing. If it becomes severe enough, it can clog your coil, which directly interferes with its ability to properly vaporize your e-juice. Another issue with juice gunk is that it can negatively impact the flavor of your vape, as the burnt sugar causes an unpleasant taste.

Juice Gunk Cleaning Tips for Open Pod Cartridges

Now, let’s get into some tips that can help you eradicate juice gunk so you can rid yourself of this annoying problem.

Tip #1: Rinse Out Your Cartridge Between Refilling

One way to prevent juice gunk is to make a point to rinse out your cartridge whenever you’re about to refill it with e-liquid. This way, there’s never old e-liquid that sits in the cartridge for too long and eventually gets burnt by the heat of the coil. We know that it’s harder to rinse out pods than it is traditional tanks, but simply holding it under water will work. If the juice gunk is particularly pesky, give the cartridge a good shake when it’s filled with water.

Tip #2: Use a Toothpick if Necessary

Some juice gunk, especially the kind that’s been sitting for a while, is especially stubborn. In these cases, a toothpick might be able to help you dislodge it so that you can easily rinse it out.

Tip #3: Stick to Premium E-Liquids

This is not technically a cleaning tip, but it’s still important if you want to prevent juice gunk. Sometimes, juice gunk occurs as the result of using cheap e-liquids. See, lower-quality vape juices are more likely to be loaded with synthetic sweeteners to distract you from inferior flavoring extracts. The more sweetener is in your vape juice, the more sugar there is to burn and become juice gunk. So, make a point to stick to premium e-liquids from reputable vape juice manufacturers. They use cleaner, higher-quality ingredients that are less likely to burn.

Tip #4: Know When it’s Not Worth it

Sometimes, the juice gunk is so bad that you simply have to replace your pod cartridge. If basic cleaning methods don’t work, it’s time to switch.

Use the Tips Above to Attack that Pesky Gunk Properly

If you’re dealing with juice gunk in your open pod cartridge, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to replace it. There are ways to treat mild to moderate juice gunk so you can go on using your cartridge until the coil eventually dies out.

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