Top 3 Beverage Flavors from NicVape

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If you love to enjoy the flavors of your favorite refreshing beverages while you vape the day away, it's time to check out these extraordinary e-liquids that are only available at NicVape. Whether you crave vanilla-infused root beer, a rich and creamy strawberry milkshake or an invigorating energy drink that's sweet and fruity, there's a beverage flavor for you at NicVape.

Beverage Flavor 3. Liberty by Wildside

A stunning strawberry milkshake flavor that transports your soul to a retro diner. This milkshake flavor is so rich and creamy that you'll have a hard time believing that the real thing isn't passing through your lips. The strawberry flavor is intense, delivering the exact taste of freshly picked strawberries that are bursting with sweet and tangy juice. The inhale douses the palate in the smooth taste of strawberry-infused ice cream. You'll taste the tang from ripe strawberries as well as a hint of mouth-watering vanilla. On the exhale, the richness and creaminess of the milkshake overwhelms you with satisfaction.

Beverage Flavor #2: Energy Drink by Drops

Tastes just like that iconic energy drink that comes in a tall can. This vape juice is fruity, sugary and slightly bubbly, making you feel like you're guzzling down a refreshing beverage that invigorates you in every way. As you inhale, you'll enjoy a blast of fruit punch that delivers notes of tropical fruits and fresh berries. The effervescence glides down your throat to refresh you before the sweetness of the flavor takes over.

Beverage Flavor #1: MOAB by Camouflage

MOAB vape juice is a syrupy and refreshing root beer flavor that has notes of smooth vanilla. Every hit is like taking a big gulp of your favorite summertime beverage. With each inhale, that intoxicating root beer taste slams your taste buds. The crispness of the effervescence refreshes you profoundly as a wave of vanilla emerges on the tongue. On the exhale, the sugary sweetness of the cola dominates.

Grab a Beverage E-Liquid Today!

These three beverage-inspired e-juices from NicVape will refresh you just like a giant sip of your favorite drink.

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