Top 3 Creamy E-Liquids from NicVape

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Is there any sweet flavor that isn't enhanced by a velvety drizzle of rich cream? At NicVape, you'll discover e-juices that combine some of your favorite flavors with the most luxurious cream that you've ever tasted. Below, you'll find the most seductively rich and creamy e-juices that NicVape has available.

Creamy E-Liquid #3: Butter Face by Fog Brothers

Butter Face vape juice is a silky and rich custard that's infused with intense strawberry flavor. This vape juice possesses four different strawberry extracts, giving it all those flavor notes that make your taste buds sing. The custard's intoxicating creaminess will make you drool long after you exhale those glorious clouds. With each inhale of Butter Face e-juice, the strawberry's natural tart and tangy notes slither along the taste buds, exciting your tongue with brightness and sharpness. Then, a gush of velvety custard washes over the palate. As the strawberry flavor becomes sugary sweet, the custard flavor becomes creamy beyond belief. With each exhale, that creaminess lingers.

Creamy E-Liquid #2: Sonar by Wildside

Sonar vape juice is an exquisitely balanced flavor that combines tart, zesty lemon flavor with thick, rich cream. This flavor is very similar to homemade lemon curd that oozes down the tongue with its silky touch. The cheery lemon flavor cuts through the richness of the cream perfectly, leaving your whole mouth extremely satisfied. On the inhale, Sonar e-juice teases your palate with fresh lemon flavor that's outstandingly zesty. The lemon taste will refresh you before that river of beautiful cream floods the mouth. On the exhale, the lemon's natural sweetness emerges as the cream continues to saturate your taste buds.

Creamy E-Liquid #1: Money Shot by Fog Brothers

Money Shot vape juice is an innovative take on the classic sugar cookie. Those rich and sugary notes from the cookie are elevated by gooey marshmallows and a generous dose of luxurious cream. With every puff, your sweet tooth will jump up and down with joy. When you inhale Money Shot e-juice, the buttery cookie notes are apparent right away. The sweetness of the cookie intensifies as the fluffy and creamy taste of marshmallows drifts over the taste buds. On the exhale, rich cream makes your tongue go wild.

Grab These Creamy Flavors Today

NicVape has a creamy flavor for every palate. If you're addicted to cream-soaked tastes, these e-liquid will get the job done.

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