Top 3 Fall E-Liquid Flavors from NicVape

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Instead of dwelling on the fact that the summer season is ending, why not get excited about the fall-inspired vape juice flavors from NicVape? With the right e-juice flavors, you'll be able to welcome the Fall season with open arms.

Below, you'll discover the three-best autumn-oriented juces that we have to offer.

Fall E-Liquid Flavor #3: Drops Fire

If you love the warm spices that permeate many of our favorite seasonal treats, this is absolutely the juice to try. It delivers nothing but a powerful kick of spicy cinnamon that will warm you from head to toe. The inhale provides you with a powerful punch of spicy cinnamon that shocks your tongue in the best way possible. As you exhale, a hint of sweetness rounds out the overall flavor profile.

Fall E-Liquid Flavor #2: Tradewinds Tobacco Turkish

During the Fall season, we start to crave rich, robust flavors. This is the perfect e-juice for this time of year thanks to its smoky, rich and spicy tobacco flavor. Inspired by fine Turkish tobacco, it’ll comfort your soul and satisfy your fall cravings. With each inhale, the spicy and smoky notes from Turkish tobacco take over your palate. The robust nature of this tobacco pleases your taste buds as the flavor becomes richer and richer. Earthy and nutty notes dance on the tongue before a hint of honey provides balance on the exhale.

Fall E-Liquid Flavor #1: Drops Red Apple

No flavor captures the Fall season like a crisp, juicy red apple. If you can't find the time to visit the local orchard this year, grab this bottle. Whenever you hit your mod, you'll treat your taste buds to that clean, crisp taste that you find yourself craving all autumn long. When you inhale, the crisp notes are apparent right away. Your tongue will be tingling with pleasure as the apple's juice makes its way down your tongue. This vape juice refreshes the palate and comforts the soul. The sweetness level of the apple becomes more and more pronounced as the flavor blooms on the palate. Each exhale is deeply satisfying thanks to the authentic taste of this scrumptious e-liquid.

Grab These Fall Flavors Today!

When the leaves start to change, and the weather starts to feel a bit more brisk, these vape juices will help you get into the autumn spirit in no time.

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