Top 3 Intense Minty E-Juice Flavors from NicVape

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If you find yourself craving a cool rush of mint when you vape, you're in for a treat. We've created a list of the three best minty vape juice flavors from NicVape. Each of these flavors delivers that crisp and refreshing breeze of ice that invigorates you from head to toe.

Mint E-Juice Flavor #3: Wildside Frost Bite E-Liquid

This is a deeply refreshing blend of juicy green apples and clean, invigorating mint. The tartness of the apples complements the icy mint beautifully. Each hit will leave you feeling revitalized thanks to its perfectly balanced blend of flavor notes. The inhale bursts with mouth-puckering tartness from the freshly picked, perfectly ripe green apples. Your tongue will be tickled by the balance between crisp and sour flavor notes as the vapor slides across the palate. With each exhale, the sweetness of the apple flavor comes through as the mint chills your taste buds.

Mint E-Juice Flavor #2: NicVape Heroes | Retro | Supermint

A refreshing minty flavor that's inspired by those tiny little breath mints that never fail to make your whole mouth tingle. Each hit coats your tongue in a layer of ice while the subtle sweetness teases your sweet tooth. Each inhale captivates your palate with that cool, minty taste that you crave. The hint of sweetness glides over your tongue as the minty flavor becomes more and more intense. When you exhale, you'll feel revitalized from head to toe. Our minty hero.

Mint E-Juice Flavor #1: Drops Creme de Mint E-Juice

A decadent cocktail-inspired treat that combines icy peppermint with rich, smooth chocolate. These two flavors complement each other perfectly, leaving each taste bud absolutely satisfied. You'll be dazzled beyond words as the silky, minty flavor washes over your tongue. With each inhale, the richness of the chocolate is apparent right away. As the chocolate flavor becomes sweeter and sweeter, a hint of peppermint teases your tongue. On the exhale, the chocolate and mint flavors balance each other out splendidly.

Have A Mint

If you're a mint fanatic, these e-liquid flavors from NicVape belong in your collection. Each flavor will refresh you with the glorious taste of pure mint that you so desire.

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