Top 3 Tobacco Flavors from our Drops E-Liquid Line

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If you crave that rich and nutty tobacco taste, NicVape can satisfy your needs like nobody else. We carry a wide variety of tobacco-flavored vape juices that are meticulously crafted to deliver the most authentic tobacco taste imaginable. Below, you'll discover their three very best tobacco flavors.

Tobacco Flavor #3: Menthol Tobacco by Drops

Menthol Tobacco vape juice is a dream-come-true for anyone who misses menthol cigarettes. This vape juice is fabulously balanced, providing you with luxuriously smooth and rich tobacco before turning into an ice bath for your taste buds. This flavor rivals your very favorite menthol-infused analogs from back in the day. Each inhale of Menthol Tobacco e-juice drapes rich, nutty tobacco over your palate. The natural sweetness of cured tobacco gradually emerges on the tongue as the clouds slap you in the throat. Each exhale soaks the taste buds in icy menthol.

Tobacco Flavor #2: Bold Tobacco by Drops

Bold Tobacco vape juice is an exceptionally robust tobacco flavor for those who crave full-bodied cigarettes. Each hit is full of intense, authentic taste that will squash your cigarette cravings instantly. The fullness of the overall flavor ensures that you'll feel extremely satisfied long after you exhale. As you inhale Bold Tobacco e-juice, the flavor is amazingly smooth as the nutty and earthy notes glide across the taste buds. The robust nature of this tobacco flavor intensifies as the clouds sink into the palate. The exhale has notes of sweetness.

Tobacco Flavor #1: Classic American Tobacco by Drops

If your taste buds long for the satisfying taste of classic American tobacco, you need Classic American Tobacco vape juice in your life. This flavor delivers the comforting taste of smooth analog cigarettes that possess rich, sweet and nutty flavor. Every hit is just like pulling on a medium-bodied cigarette. Each inhale of Classic American Tobacco vape juice washes the palate in the luxurious taste of cured Virginia tobacco. Nutty and earthy notes swirl around the mouth before sweetness emerges on the tip of the tongue. The exhale is extremely well-rounded, delivering all those flavor notes that you crave when you think of a real cigarette.

The three tobacco flavors listed above will provide you with that delicious tobacco taste without any of the guilt. Whether you crave menthol-kissed tobacco or the rich, robust tobacco crops from Virginia, NicVape has a flavor for you.

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