Top 3 Valentine’s Day E-Juice’s from NicVape

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This Valentine’s Day, why not fall in love all over again with the exquisite, intoxicating e-liquids at NicVape? Whether you decide to indulge solo or share one of our magnificent vape juices with your sweetheart, we’ve got your Valentine’s Day vapingneeds covered.

In addition to enjoying these romantic flavors for yourself, these bottles of juices make great Valentine’s Day gifts. If you’ve got a partner who has been trying to quit smoking, these vapes may finally give them the push that they need in order to make the switch. Or, if they’re already a vaper, giving them one of the flavors listed below can let them know that you really care.

Valentine’s Day E-Juice #3: Drops Cherry

There is something about biting into a fresh, plump cherry that’s simply seductive. That sensual blend of sweet and tart notes never fails to get us into the mood. If you can’t find ripe cherries at the nearby store, reach for this one instead. Each puff is like indulging in the real thing. At first, the tartness brightens your mood and makes you salivate like crazy. Tasty notes crawl across the tongue and drip down your throat. With each exhale, the cherry’s natural sweetness comes through, making you wanna savor the moment.

Valentine’s Day E-Juice #2: Fog Brothers | Nimbus Nectar | Truffle Butter

No dessert is quite as romantic as smooth, velvety vanilla custard. This particular custard flavor is so rich and creamy that you’ll feel like real custard is melting into your tongue. This is an e-liquid that’s meant to be shared with someone special. That warm vanilla taste permeates the tongue as soon as you inhale. Then, the richness of the flavor makes your palate weep with joy. When you exhale, the creaminess soaks into your taste buds.

Valentine’s Day E-Juice #1: Camouflage Devil Dog Max VG

If strawberries and cream are your go-to combo on this romantic holiday, reach for this devilish vape treat. It consists of fresh, plump and juicy strawberries that are folded into a bowl of sensually creamy Greek yogurt. Sweet, tangy and rich notes take turns teasing your palate whenever you take a puff. The fresh tang of the strawberry juice makes you drool instantly. The strawberry flavor becomes sweeter as the sublime tang of the yogurt starts to come through. When you exhale, that creaminess lingers.

Grab These Seductive E-Liquids this Valentine’s Day

These vape juices will help you embrace the romantic nature of Valentine’s Day thanks to their dreamy flavor combinations.

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Vaping is the only love I will ever have

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