Top 4 2020 St. Patrick’s Day E-Liquids from NicVape

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St. Patrick’s Day is almost here, which means that a lot of us are getting ready for a long night of partying and embracing our inner Irish blood (even if we’re not Irish at all). Many of us associate this holiday with two things: beer, and the color green.

Well, at NicVape, we’ve got a selection of great e-liquids that will further get you into the spirit of the holiday so that you can truly make the most of your festivities.

St Patty’s Day E-Liquid #4: Retro Jiggle Bear

St. Patrick’s Day is all about indulging, so why not satisfy your sweet tooth while you hop from bar to bar? Retro Jiggle Bear is the ultimate e-liquid to complement your hours of partying, providing you with the sublime taste of your all-time favorite gummy candy. Don’t just take our word for it – see for yourself why this is one of our top-selling flavors.

On the inhale, you’ll savor a magical blend of fruity notes that come from berries, apples, citrus and more. The juiciness hits the spot while that familiar gummy candy taste takes over your palate. On the exhale, nothing but sugar remains.

St. Patty’s Day E-Liquid #3: Camouflage MOAB Max-VG E-Liquid

MOAB is a flavor that’s inspired by vanilla root beer, and we know that it will hit the spot all St. Patrick’s Day long. While the flavor is ultimately inspired by a soft drink, it still has that mildly boozy taste that will enhance your festivities.

As you pull in that vapor, the warm vanilla wraps itself around your taste buds while the bold root beer taste starts to make your mouth water. When you let that vapor out of your mouth, you’ll be treated to a satisfying dose of sweetness.

St Patty’s Day E-Liquid #2: Rump Tobacco Billons and Billons

Looks like you found a nice pot of gold with this one. Billion$ & Billion$ Tobacco vape juice is an authentic-tasting tobacco blend that has all of those complex flavor notes that you love. On the inhale, it delivers the nuttiness and earthiness that you associate with flavorful tobacco crops from Virginia. The clouds provide you with a satisfying punch to the throat as the richness of the flavor spreads across the tongue. With each exhale, a hint of sweetness completes the experience.

St Patty’s Day E-Liquid #1: Drops Green Apple

If you plan on wearing green from head-to-toe, why not extend that tradition to your vapes as well? Green Apple lets you add to your color coordination while providing your palate with one of its very favorite flavors.

The inhale lets you savor that tart, crisp green apple taste that always makes the mouth water. On the exhale, the natural sweetness collides with your sweet tooth.

Happy St. Patty’s Day from All of Us at NicVape!

Now that St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner, you should stock up on your party-ready e-liquids from NicVape. If you truly want to embrace the holiday ahead, these four e-liquids will do the trick. They vape great while allowing you to get into the

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