Top 5 Dessert Vape Flavors from NicVape

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Who can resist a tempting dessert that's loaded with rich and sweet tastes? NicVape understands that we all live for decadent dessert flavors. That's why we have delivered one outstanding dessert-inspired vape juice after another. Each dessert flavor from NicVape is a blend of high-quality ingredients that satisfy our cravings just like our favorite indulgent treats.

Dessert Vape Flavor #5: Arch Angel

If you're like most people, you're completely entranced by the taste of fluffy, airy angel food cake. With its light and buttery taste, this classic flavor satisfies even the most particular palate. Arch Angel vape juice from NicVape beautifully captures those layers of flavor that we expect from a freshly-baked angel food cake that grandma made. When you inhale Arch Angel e-juice, the warm and sweet taste of vanilla washes over your tongue as its sweet aroma fills your nose. The vanilla flavor is pleasantly light. Gradually, the buttery cake flavor crawls along the palate, satisfying you without overwhelming you. With each exhale, the sweetness of the cake dominates.

Dessert Vape Flavor #4: Creme de Mint

When you combine smooth milk chocolate with icy peppermint, something magical happens. Creme de Mint vape juice is a take on that classic flavor combination that cools us off while making the taste buds jump up and down. The chocolate taste that the brand has developed is creamy, sweet and outstandingly rich. With each inhale of Creme de Mint e-juice, the taste buds are flooded with silky milk chocolate flavor that melts into the tongue as soon as the vapor kisses the palate. As your sweet tooth starts to feel wild with excitement, an icy blast of peppermint darts across the taste buds while you exhale.

Dessert Vape Flavor #3: Crema de Limon

The flavor of key lime pie possesses layers of tastes that sing together in sweet harmony. Between the tart key limes, the creamy custard and the buttery graham cracker crust, the taste buds feel elated with every bite. If you want that key lime pie taste without all the fat and sugar, Crema de Limon vape juice from NicVape will satisfy that craving with each pull. On the inhale, Crema de Limon e-juice sends a gust of lime-flavored vapor down the palate. Its tart notes will make you salivate like nothing else can. Then, the creamy and rich custard flavor appears, balancing out the tartness of the lime. The flavor becomes more and more sweet, making your sweet tooth feel drunk with joy. When you exhale, the smooth and buttery taste of a graham cracker pie crust completes this extravagant journey of flavors.

Dessert Vape Flavor #2: Bulletproof

Undoubtedly, one of the most beloved dessert flavors of all time is a creamy, tangy cheesecake that's encased in a graham cracker crust and topped with juicy berries. Bulletproof vape juice by NicVape is an outstanding replica of that luxurious blend of tastes. As you vape Bulletproof, your tongue will be tricked into thinking that you're stuffing gobs of creamy cheesecake into your mouth. As you inhale Bulletproof e-juice, tangy cream cheese intrigues your taste buds. Quickly, sweet vanilla flavor emerges, balancing out the tang. The rich and creamy flavor continues to saturate the palate as a burst of juicy blueberry flavor hits the sweet tooth. With each exhale, that rich and buttery graham cracker flavor elates you with its satisfying taste.

Dessert Vape Flavor #1: Money Shot

Money Shot vape juice is the ultimate e-liquid for cookie fiends. This flavor is a buttery sugar cookie that's topped with gooey marshmallows and silky cream. Your sweet tooth will be in heaven as it gets whacked with one sugary taste after another. When you inhale Money Shot e-juice, the warm notes of vanilla slowly make their way across the palate, followed by the rich and buttery taste of a freshly-baked sugar cookie. When you exhale, a blend of sweet marshmallows and velvety cream overwhelms you with joy.

Satisfy Your Dessert Vape Cravings

These five dessert flavors from NicVape will satisfy all your cravings without any of the calories. If your sweet tooth never stops begging for decadent desserts, grab any of these five e-juices and experience guilt-free indulgence.
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