Top 5 Euphoric E-Liquids to Be Vaping from NicVape

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When’s the last time you felt a sense of pure euphoria while you vaped? Sure, vaping can satisfy our flavor cravings and give us a nicotine fix, but it can be so much more than that. At NicVape, we’re dedicated to helping vapers feel not just satisfied, but purely euphoric each time they experience one of our masterfully crafted e-liquids.

Best E-Juices for Some Bliss

To help you out, we’ll be breaking down our favorite euphoria-inducing vape juice flavors today.

Euphoric E-Liquid Flavor #5: Camouflage MOAB Max-VG E-Liquid

First up, we have MOAB, which is a beverage flavor that’s anything but ordinary. It’s got the exact flavor profile of root beer, and it’s taken to a whole new level with velvety, creamy vanilla that makes your taste buds quiver with joy.

The inhale gives you that bold root beer taste, complete with effervescence, The sweetness level rapidly builds on the palate as the vapor roll across the mouth. When you exhale, your sweet tooth releases a yelp of excitement as the vanilla lingers on the taste buds.

Euphoric E-Liquid Flavor #4: Drops Bold Tobacco

Sure, you can get tobacco flavors from just about anyone. But few come close to ours in terms of authenticity and complexity. That’s why Drops Bold Tobacco is on the list. This is a tobacco flavor that gives you that real, robust and smoky taste that’s got loads of nuance that keeps the palate guessing. Plus, it’s certain to hit the spot like few things can.

The inhale hits the spot immediately with the nutty, smoky, and almost buttery notes of perfectly sun-cured tobacco. Then, that richness becomes intense, as the boldness of the body builds and builds. The exhale is smooth and just sweet enough to intrigue your senses.

Euphoric E-Liquid Flavor #3: Camouflage On-the-Double Max-VG E-Liquid

Sweet n’ savory flavors are among the most euphoric of all, and we’ve got one that’s going to rock your world. On-the-Double is a smooth, creamy yogurt that’s topped with nutty granola and the perfect drizzle of golden honey.

At first, you get the tang from the yogurt, which quickly becomes outstandingly creamy and rich. Then comes the granola that’s savory right off the bat and becomes sweeter and nuttier along the way. The exhale seduces you with glorious honey that’s as sweet as can be.

Euphoric E-Liquid Flavor #2: Drops Raspberry Chill

Raspberry Chill offers a different kind of euphoric experience – one that leaves you feeling so refreshed and restored that you forget about all of your problems and surrender to the moment. Raspberries are easily the most decadent berries on earth, and when they’re combined with menthol, the palate is truly in for a treat.

You’ll notice the bright tang of the raspberry flavor instantly, and it comes sweeter and smoother as it travels across the palate. The exhale chills your tongue with bold and intense menthol goodness.

Euphoric E-Liquid Flavor #1: Wildside Ring Leader E-Liquid

Ring Leader is a stunning vape juice inspired by our favorite cereal. The reason why this is at the top of our list is because few will deny that cereal flavors are among the most comforting of all.

The vape juice begins with a variety of fruity tastes that each hit the spot. Then, you get that rush of sugar that makes your brain’s pleasure center buzz with excitement. The exhale makes you swear you just indulged in the real thing.

Experience a Little Slice of Heaven with These E-Juices from NicVape

If you’re tired of boring vapes, grab these five above to experience some intense vaping bliss. All of them are absolutely sensational on their own but bringing all of them into rotation allows you to feel euphoric in a variety of ways.

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