Top 5 NicVape E-Juices to Start Your New Year Off Right!

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The new year means a fresh change, and it also means that we’ve entered the coldest part of the winter season, when many of us are craving the most comforting seasonal flavors that we can get our hands on.

At NicVape, we offer a wide array of e-liquids, such as these top 5, that are perfect for this time of the year.

#5: Origins Polar e-Juice

Polar is an e-liquid that tastes like the frigid air outside, so if you’re a fan of the winter season, you’ll love vaping this intense menthol e-juice. It gives you a blast of ice with each puff, which makes you feel like you have walked into a blizzard.

On the inhale, the smooth taste of fresh, crisp mint leaves invigorates you right away. Then, the coldness starts to build and build, taking over the entire mouth. On the exhale, a blast of ice dominates your senses, chilling your tongue to its core.

#4: Wildside Arch Angel E-Liquid

If your resolution was to eat less desserts, then you will love Arch Angel, which is an angel food cake with that soft, fluffy, and moist taste that never fails to satisfy. It can keep your cravings at bay while giving you a mouthwatering vaping experience each time you hit your mod.

The inhale provides you with a warm vanilla flavor that permeates the taste buds, with rich and creamy goodness that slowly takes over the palate. The sweetness builds and builds as the exhale give you a freshly baked cake flavor that is impossible to resist.

#3: Drops Bold Tobacco E-Juice

Bold Tobacco is our top-selling tobacco flavor, and it’s great for those who recently made the switch from the real stuff to bring in the new year. It has the complexity that you associate with finely cured tobacco leaves from the South, and its flavor profile never disappoints the palate.

When you take in a puff of vapor, you’ll get the nutty, smoky and rich notes that swirl together on the tongue, reminding you exactly of the real analog tobacco you remember. A touch of sweetness develops on the taste buds, with a honey-like flavor, before the robust, bold taste becomes powerful on the exhale.

#2: Drops Fire E-Juice

Fire is a strong cinnamon vape juice that keeps you feeling invigorated and exhilarated as you vape the day away. It’s great for this time of year, when we can all use something that has a warming and energizing taste.

As soon as you pull a cloud of vapor into your mouth, the bold cinnamon dominates the mouth, making the tongue tingle. The heat is manageable but exciting to the senses, followed by sweetness just in time for the exhale.

#1: Drops Creme de Mint E-Juice

If the new year makes you feel like celebrating, Crème de Mint is the ultimate indulgence. Inspired by the iconic cocktail, this e-juice seamlessly blends rich chocolate with cool mint to create a flavor so luxurious, you’ll feel like it’s New Year’s Eve throughout the month of January.

When you pull on your mod, that bold chocolate taste emerges with its creaminess and sweetness. The exhale seduces you with crisp mint that balances out the richness perfectly.

Happy New Year from NicVape!

Now that 2021 is upon us, it’s time to explore these five e-liquids that can all get you through the chilly months ahead while helping you feel like you’re bringing in the new year with a festive spirit. Choose the flavor that suits your palate or grab all five to have a nice variety to savor throughout the remainder of the coldest month of the year.

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