True Vape Tank Compatibility

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To put it simply, a standard or sub-ohm setup consists of two major components: the mod and the tank. The mod contains the batteries as well as the chipset that allows the device to operate at different settings. The tank contains the coil and the e-liquid and is attached to a mouthpiece.

Sounds simple, right? Well, not so fast. It’s extremely important that every vaper understands the compatibility of a tank and a mod. As it turns out, not all mods and tanks can be used together. Trying to use the wrong tank with your mod can result in a vaping session that’s less than satisfying. And, in rare cases, using an incompatible tank can actually be fairly dangerous.

What Determines the Compatibility Between a Tank and a Mod?

So, how can you tell whether or not a vape tank will be compatible with your mod? There are actually several factors to take into consideration. To make things easier for you, we’ve listed them below.

Type of Mod You’re Using

First, let’s get into the most obvious factor in terms of a tank’s compatibility with a mod. The type of mod that you’re using determines what kind of tank it’s compatible with. Bear in mind that we use the word “tank” loosely in this instance, as ultimately, there are many different types of atomizers that are not traditional tanks.

An example is a pod mod. If you’re using a pod mod, you just can’t use a sub-ohm tank. For one thing, these two components can’t connect to each other. But, more importantly, a sub-ohm tank is designed for sub-ohm vaping. Meanwhile, a pod mod can only use a pod cartridge, as that’s what it’s designed to be compatible with. So, before trying to use a specific tank with your mod, ask yourself whether or not both components are designed for the same style of vaping, whether it be squonking, dripping, sub-ohm vaping, pod vaping or another style that’s out there.

Tank Size

Today’s tanks come in a range of sizes, and you have to consider the size of a tank before attaching it to your mod. Tanks are measured in diameter, and you can easily find the diameter of a tank on its product description. If a tank is too large in diameter, there will be an issue with overhang once it’s attached to your device, and this makes it highly vulnerable to cracking or breaking.

Mod’s Output

Tanks are available in both glass and plastic materials, with plastic being the cheaper option. Plastic tanks aren’t that popular, mainly because they can’t handle the high amount of heat that is produced by a high-wattage device. Therefore, consider the wattage of your mod before choosing which type of tank material to get. It’s safe to assume that a sub-ohm mod that goes above 200 watts requires a glass tank as glass is a far more durable, heat-resistant material.


You also have to consider whether or not you can attach the tank to your mod at all. Every mod and every tank have a connection mechanism that allow both pieces to attach to each other securely. Most box mods and pen mods have 510-threaded connections that are compatible with tanks that have the same connection style. Before purchasing a tank for your mod, check out what the connection is.

Resistance Level of Your Coil

You also need to consider the resistance level of the coils that you will be using. Many tanks are only compatible with the coils that were designed by the same manufacturer for that specific tank. Now, there’s a very crucial relationship between the resistance level of a coil and the output level of your mod. If you’re using a tank that can only take a specific resistance level, and that resistance level is incompatible with the wattage range of your mod, you’re going to have some problems.

Some Things to Keep in Mind When Pairing a Tank with a Mod

Now, let’s put this information to good use. Here are some things to bear in mind before purchasing a tank for your vaping device.

What Does the Manufacturer Say?

First, always check out the product description from the manufacturer of the mod. Most often, the description will give some sort of idea as to what type of tank is compatible with the mod, and which types of tanks are not.

If you really can’t find any information regarding tank compatibility, you can always contact the manufacturer yourself. Bear in mind that virtually every hardware company makes tanks for each device that they’ve produced. Generally speaking, it’s always best to stick with the tank that was specially designed to be used with the device that you’ve purchased.

Are Both Components Compatible with Your Preferred Vape Style?

Like we said earlier, both your mod and your tank have to be compatible with your preferred vape style. For instance, if you wanna hit those salt-based nicotine e-juices, using a pod mod with a compatible pod cartridge is key. If you wanaa sub-ohm vape, this requires a high-wattage box mod and a sub-ohm tank. So, when looking for a new tank, stick to what’s meant to be used with the device that you have.

Is the Tank High in Quality, and Capable of Accommodating Your Vaping Needs?

Lastly, compatibility and quality go hand in hand. A low-quality tank will not be compatible with a box mod that has high demands in terms of power. Always make sure that you go with high-quality hardware products, because otherwise, your vaping experience will be disappointing regardless of how compatible the hardware pieces are.

Keep All These Factors in Mind

Use this guide to figure out whether or not your two hardware components are, in fact, compatible. If they’re not, you could end up ruining your vapes, or even ruining your hardware.

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