Vape My Breath Away

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As you probably know, cigarettes are no friend to someone who wants to maintain clean, fresh breath. Because of tobacco’s terrible effects on a person’s oral health, they can cause bad breath in a variety of ways.

If you’ve finally made the switch from smoking to vaping, we understand if you’re concerned about how this new hobby affects your breath. The good news is that vaping is far less likely to cause bad breath than smoking. We’re going to break down the ways in which smoking causes bad breath while explaining what it is about vaping that makes it such a better alternative.

Effects of Smoking on Your Oral Health

Besides causing a host of life-threatening diseases like heart disease and cancer, cigarettes seriously wreak havoc on your oral health. Because of the way in which cigarette tobacco inflames oral tissue, it can cause gum disease, tooth decay and other serious oral health ailments.

When the tissue of the mouth is inflamed, it becomes much easier for bacteria to thrive. An environment in which bacteria can flourish is going to have an odor. For this reason, those who smoke tend to have bad breath.

Besides the fact that cigarettes damage a person’s oral health, they have an odor of their own that can linger in the mouth long after a person has put out their last cigarette. The smell of cigarettes is quite offensive to many people, and it’s known to stay in the mouth for a very long time.

How Vaping is Different

Vaping doesn’t have the same effects on oral health that smoking does. That’s because the ingredients in cigarettes and the ingredients in e-liquids are completely different from each other. While cigarettes contain about 600 or so chemicals, e-liquids contain only four ingredients.

None of the ingredients found in e-liquids are known to cause inflammation of the oral tissue. That’s why those who vape don’t seem to develop oral health problems. In fact, a recent study found that vapers aren’t at risk of developing oral health issues like tooth decay and periodontal disease.

Effects of Vaping on Your Oral Health

Vaping, unlike cigarettes, won’t cause bad breath as it doesn’t damage your oral health. However, vaping can cause dry mouth if done excessively. That’s because the ingredients in e-liquids can temporarily dehydrate the mouth, allowing bacteria to thrive.

As we know, dry mouth can lead to bad breath as saliva washes away the bacteria that’s causing the odor. If you wish to avoid bad breath caused by dry mouth while vaping, simply make a point to drink extra water throughout the day. You can also try cutting down on vaping as it seems that those who chain-vape are more likely to develop dry mouth.

Also, of course, whether you vape, smoke or none of the above, it’s crucial that you maintain a good oral health care routine. Always brush twice each day and floss daily. Always use a mouthwash that eliminates the germs that are responsible for bad breath. And, avoid foods that are high in sugar as this can make oral health problems worse.

No More Cigarette Bad Breath

As a vaper, you’re far less likely to have bad breath than a smoker. By following simple oral health care practices, you’ll be able to say goodbye to bad breath forever.

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