Vaping During Allergy Season

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Spring is here at last! For so many of us, this time of year means that we can once again reconnect with the beautiful outdoors after spending months in virtual hibernation. Finally, the weather is warm, and the grass is looking green once again.

However, not all of us jump for joy at the first sight of budding trees and blooming flowers. If you’ve seasonal allergies, spring might give you some mixed feelings. While this time of year tends to elevate our mood, it can also trigger those awful symptoms like sneezing, coughing, wheezing and feeling generally icky.

So, how does vaping affect you as an allergy sufferer? You’re about to find out.

Can Vaping Cause Me to Develop Allergies?

There’s no evidence that suggests that vaping can cause you to develop seasonal allergies. Seasonal allergies are linked to your immune system’s inflammation response, and no studies have shown that vaping impacts your immune system’s function. So, if you believe that you developed allergies out of nowhere, consider other factors besides vaping.

Can Vaping Worsen My Allergies?

Again, there’s no link between vaping and a compromised immune system. However, there may be some indirect ways in which your vaping habit is affecting your immune system’s ability to defend itself against allergens.

For instance, if you tend to vape outdoors only, you’re going to expose yourself to allergens like pollen much more frequently than you would have if you stayed indoors this time of year. Or, if you just started vaping after quitting smoking, you may be experiencing some allergy symptoms because of the fact that your body is doing a lot of work detoxing from cigarette tobacco.

What Can I Do to Avoid Allergy Flareups as a Vaper?

Luckily, allergy suffers can still vape and here’s how:

Avoid Vaping Outdoors Whenever Possible

If you can help it, vape indoors as much as possible. We don’t need to tell you that being outdoors brings you into direct contact with the allergens that are causing your symptoms. If you don’t want to fill your home with vapor for whatever reason, consider exhaling into a towel or some other piece of fabric.

Keep Those Windows Closed if You Can

Some vapers like to blow their vapor out the window in order to prevent their room from fogging up. But, keeping the windows open during allergy season can cause pollen and other allergens to enter your home, meaning that your humble abode is no longer a safe refuge. So, if you can, keep the windows closed and, once again, consider blowing your clouds into some type of thick fabric instead.

Continue Taking Your Allergy Medication

Many people find that allergy medications help them get through the day with minimal symptoms. If you’ve found that a certain medication works for you, continue taking it as needed or prescribed.

Consider Any Ingredients in Your E-Liquid That You May be Sensitive to

During allergy season, our immune system becomes hyperalert. This means that it can be more sensitive to certain less-serious allergens than it usually is. So, let’s say you have a very mild sensitivity to apples that you’re not even aware of, and you vape an apple-flavored e-liquid. Now, during allergy season, your immune system might just not be able to handle that trace amount of apple extract like it normally can since it’s so tired from fending off pollen and other seasonal allergens. So, consider any ingredients in your vape juice that you might actually be sensitive to without knowing it.

Allergy Suffers Rejoice

By following this guide, you don’t have to suffer while you vape your way through allergy season.

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