Warm It Up: Vaping MODs

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Warming up before you exercise helps to ensure that you won't injure yourself. It also helps in loosening muscles, so you can perform at your optimal fitness level. Your car's engine both performs better and last longer when you allow it to warm up as opposed to just taking off from a cold engine. This too is true for MODs.

MODs function in a very similar way and under the same idea that good things come to those who wait, but woe to the impatient smoker.

Why should I let my MOD warm up before I use it?
MOD smokers need to develop their own unique style of smoking. For the best-vaping experience follow these instructions and you will never have a problem.

  1. Inspect and prime your coil by soaking it thoroughly with the e-liquid of your choice making sure to saturate it completely as well as the cotton on the inside. Typically coils need to be replaced every 1 to 4 weeks depending on the model and your frequency of use.
  2. Inspect and soak your wick thoroughly with the e-liquid of your choice. Typically, the wick needs to be replaced between 2 days and up to 4 weeks depending on the model and your frequency of use.
  3. Make sure to coat both juice holes from the inside thoroughly.
  4. Let your MOD warm up for 5 to 10 minutes before vaping
  5. Enjoy a full flavorful pull

Following this formula will allow you to detect and avoid the offensive smell indicating the wick is burnt. That smell is the omen of a fore coming burnt ashtray flavored pull known as the awful dry hit.

The Chain Smoker
When you're a chain smoker transitioning into the world of vaping you need to beware of the fact that chain vaping almost always leads to a dry hit.

Why? Because you must allow the wick, cotton, and coil to become re-saturated with your e-liquid or else you will become the victim of a dry hit most certainly.

Patience Is Key to a Great Experience
Be patient and you'll achieve good flavor and great vaping experience. What happens if you use your MOD too soon?

You may burn the wick, cotton, and/or coil because you're coming in for another pull too soon resulting in a dry hit. Be patient and allow the wick, cotton, and/or coil to become re-saturated in between pulls e-liquid thoroughly enough to get a full-flavored pull.

What happens if you fire off your MOD at the wrong temperature?
Check your battery and make sure you don't need to replace it. You could miss out on some of the ingredients being activated if the MOD's temperature is inadequate. The ingredients that constitute e-liquid all vaporize at different temperatures so if some of those temperature levels are not achieved those ingredients fail to make it fully within the pull you've accumulated and inhaled.

Vaping with MODs is like your morning coffee in that it involves a ritual. Be patient and enjoy the process as you build your vaping experience. Over time it can be a relaxing Zen-like ritual where you slowly, measured, and methodically prepare your mod. Remember to allow 5 to 10 minutes for your MOD to warm up.

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