Welcome to the Evolution of Draw-Activated Pod Systems

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If there’s one vaping trend that isn’t going anywhere, it’s the draw-activated pod system. This technology is so new, yet many of us can’t believe that we ever vaped without one. Draw-activated pod systems have proven themselves to be indispensable, as they allow us to enjoy a very portable, user-friendly way to vape while giving us the ability to satisfy our nicotine cravings like never before thanks to salt-based nicotine.

Because pod mod kits have become so popular, it’s not surprising that lots of top-rated hardware brands have found ways to make them more and more advanced with each passing month. While draw-activated pod systems started out being extremely simple devices technologically speaking, they now come with loads of exciting, cutting-edge features that make them just as impressive as the box mod kits that many of us are used to.

Why Have These Pod Systems Evolved So Much in Such a Short Period of Time?

So, why have pod systems become evolved so much since they first came out a couple of years ago? Well, it’s because vapers’ needs can vary dramatically from person to person. Companies recognize that if there’s one thing that the vaping community wants out of their hardware, it’s options. Vapers love to customize their experience to enjoy bigger clouds, a stronger throat hit and so on.

Pod systems must be just as capable of satisfying vapers as the box mod systems that used to dominate the industry (and still remain highly popular). Vapers enjoy the portability of pod systems as well as the fact that they utilize salt nic e-liquids, but the large majority desire advanced features that are associated with more high-powered devices.

Ways in Which Pod Kits Have Become More Advanced

Now, let’s talk about just some of the ways in which pod kits have evolved tremendously since they first hit the market.

#1: Different Output Options

When pod systems first came out, almost all of them operated at a fixed output level, which meant that vapers couldn’t play around with different wattages or voltages. As we know, the output level at which a device is set determines many aspects of the experience including flavor and cloud production. Now, many pod systems allow users to easily adjust the output, either by offering adjustable wattage or a small selection of output modes. And, we love the fact that so many pod mods now come with temperature control options.

#2: Stronger Batteries

Another thing that has helped the pod mod industry grow is the fact that they now utilize more powerful batteries that are conveniently built into the devices. The first draw-activated pod systems tended to contain low-capacity batteries that needed to be charged every couple of hours and limited the amount of power behind each hit. Now, pod system batteries can boast extremely high capacities, making them more appealing to vapers who are used to high-performance box mods.

#3: Different Coil Configuration Options

Yet another way in which today’s pod mods are extremely advanced is that they can be compatible with a variety of coils. Many of the pod systems that are on the market today allow users to enjoy a few different coils that change the vaping style entirely while making it possible to vape both salt nic and freebase nic e-liquids.

Better Draw-Activated Technology Equates to a Better Vaping Experience

If you were shopping for a draw-activated pod system just a couple of years ago, you would have found that your options were fairly limited in terms of technological features and unique designs. Now, however, this industry has really taken off, with a massive array of highly advanced options from which to choose. If you’re looking for a pod system that can satisfy your specific vaping needs, there’s never been a better time to look at what’s out there.

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