What Really Draws a Vaper Directly to a Specific ELiquid Flavor?

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If you’ve been vaping for a while, then you know very well that the e-liquid market is absolutely enormous, with hundreds upon hundreds of flavors at our disposal. This variety is one of our very favorite things about vaping, but it also makes it hard for us to choose when the time comes to stock up on new e-juice.

But, we know from years of being in the vaping industry that in most cases, a vaper knows exactly what flavor they want, and does a good job choosing it from the huge selection that’s out there.

So, what exactly draws a vaper to a particular vape juice flavor? Let’s explore.

Their Personal Tastes

Of course, every adult has their own developed palate, and after years upon years of exploring different flavors, they know what they like. And so, they apply this to their decision-making when choosing an e-liquid. It’s only natural that if a person, say, prefers berries over apples, that they’re going to opt for a berry-flavored vape juice without question.

What They Crave

A lot of us who vape choose specific flavors that we crave, and that we can’t necessarily indulge in in their true form. For instance, if a vaper has a thing for chocolate, they’ll likely try out various chocolate flavors, knowing they can savor that taste that they love without all of the calories that come from real chocolate.

Their Tobacco Experience

A big factor also is the vaper’s experience with tobacco. How into tobacco cigarettes the vaper once was can determine the flavors that they gravitate toward. Those who view vaping mostly as a nicotine delivery system replacing cigarettes are more likely to gravitate toward tobacco-inspired vape juices, while those who had a more casual relationship with smoking may be more interested in other flavor categories.

Flavor Categories and Their Unique Appeal

Speaking of flavor categories, let’s take a look at the ones that are available, and get into why vapers may prefer that one over the others.

#1: Tobacco

Like we said, those who choose tobacco flavors are likely former smokers who truly miss the taste of their analogs. A vaper is more likely to go for tobacco flavors early on in their vaping career and may explore other flavors later on.

#2: Mint | Menthol | Cool

Isn’t quite a flavor, but more of a sensation provided by the chemical compound. Mints and Menthol allow a cooling feeling to take over the palate, which is very invigorating. Most fans of these vapes were once smokers of menthol tobacco, and they continue to crave that feeling when they inhale. Or they’re people who simply enjoy the sensation that menthol and mint provide.

#3: Fruit

Fans of fruit flavors tend to like feeling refreshed when they vape. They may also like the clean-tasting nature of fruity e-liquids over the sweeter options that are on the market.

#4: Candy | Sweets

It’s easy to see why so many people love candy-inspired vapes. So many of us have a sweet tooth and know that we can’t just indulge it whenever we want with our favorite confections, or else we’ll risk cavities and health problems caused by consuming too much sugar. Most people who stick with candy flavors are those who crave candy on a daily basis.

#5: Dessert | Bakery

Similarly, to candy flavors, dessert and baked flavors allow us to enjoy a guilt-free alternative to rich and decadent sweets. We can treat ourselves to creamy, gooey, and buttery flavor profiles without having to think about all of the calories that we’re taking in.

#6: Beverage

E-liquids inspired by drinks like lemonade, cola, slushies, and fruit juices help us feel like we’ve quenched our thirst whenever we take a hit. This rejuvenating quality makes beverage flavors extremely popular among those who want to feel really refreshed when they take a hit of vapor.

It’s All Comes Down to Your Flavorful Vape Preferences

Even with new e-liquid flavors hitting the market weekly, it seems that the majority of vapers already have their mind made up when it comes to the flavors that they’re going to keep in rotation. We all have our own unique palate and know exactly what’s going to appeal to us.

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