What is the AEMSA?

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The vaping industry, as you may know, has come a long way since e-cigarettes first hit the market over a decade ago. As the industry has evolved, e-juice companies have discovered new ways to maintain maximum quality over their products by employing a variety of manufacturing techniques that go above and beyond to improve flavor and even safety.

These days vape juices are much more regulated than they were when the market first exploded with all kinds of tempting-sounding e-liquid flavors. Once upon a time, we took companies’ words to heart when picking out flavors, trusting that they used the right ingredients in the proper proportions. Nowadays, e-liquids are subjected to more restrictive measures to maintain quality control.

At NicVape, we’ve always gone above and beyond what the majority of vape juice manufacturers do to guarantee that each and every bottle of e-liquid exceeds industry standards and is safe as well as flavorful. Since 2010, our company ahs spent a lot of time studying various techniques and knowing what goes into making an excellent product. And, part of maintaining such high levels of quality has involved teaming up with AEMSA.

The Importance of Quality Control in the E-Liquid Industry

Since the beginning of the vape juice industry, scrutiny has gone hand in hand with success. A lot of people didn’t initially trust vaping, being a new industry, and involving inhaling a new and unique formula into the lungs. Given the reputation that smoking has in terms of how it relates to our health, we can’t blame the general public for being apprehensive about trusting these new e-liquid bottles and vaporizer devices.

But, over time, the industry has gone out of its way to prove that vaping is a legitimate hobby. And, along the way, various organizations have developed regulations for e-liquid manufacturing to ensure that companies follow the rules when it comes to safety and quality.

AEMSA: What They Do, and Why They Matter

AEMSA is the only Manufacturer’s trade association that solely deals with e-liquid manufacturing and development. It’s a volunteer organization that believes in the future of the vaping industry and supports it by regulating the methods used to produce e-liquids to ensure maximum safety and quality. Its aim is to provide exceptionally high-quality formulas that consumers can trust, and to maintain a good reputation throughout the industry in terms of public health and wellness.

AESMA has developed a series of regulations regarding every aspect of making e-liquids. Therefore, e-liquid companies that partner with AEMSA are required to follow these regulations in order to maintain a membership. This is how e-liquid companies can prove their value to consumers. It’s the only authoritative body taking a hands-on approach to regulating the industry as a whole.

Why NicVape Has Teamed Up with AEMSA

NicVape has always been outstandingly committed to quality since the very beginning. We carefully source all of our ingredients, using only pharmaceutical or food grade levels. We maintain perfect proportions of ingredients to ensure that the e-liquids vaporize properly. Alspo, we use the highest-rated nicotine to ensure maximum safety.

By teaming up with AEMSA, we can prove that our e-liquids are as high in quality as we claim they are. Each batch of vape juice produced by NicVape must adhere to AEMSA’s regulations so that we can continue to work with them.

Standards set out by AEMSA which we follow closely include the nicotine, VG and PG that we use, the way in which our e-liquids are flavored, the manufacturing equipment and facility we use, hygiene practices used by employees and how products are bottled. These factors essentially check all of the boxes to ensure that our e-liquids are as excellent as possible in every sense of the word.

By becoming an AEMSA member, we at NicVape now have our e-liquids verified by the only administration within the hemp industry determined to raise the standards of juice-making practices nationwide. This means that NicVape is a company that you can trust when it comes to the e-liquids that you vape.

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