• 14 Gauge = Large Diameter
  • 16 Gauge = Medium Diameter
  • 18 Gauge = Small Diameter
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    Everyone has experienced that moment when they realize their luer lock syringe needle isn't the right size, or the moment of panic when the tip breaks.

    Now, NicVape offers inexpensive, dependable blunt tip needles that attach to any size luer lock syringe.

    They come in three sizes, 14 gauge at the largest, 16 gauge and 18 gauge. These syringe tips are high quality, and perfect for filling your tank or any of your e-liquid mixing needs.

    Overall Customer Rating of 1 Reviews:

    Great for anything

    The 18g tip is plenty wide enough to suck up VG. Works great for pulling up VG based nicotine. Go smaller for your PG and Flavor extracts on big batches.