DIY Vaper Preferences

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The best vaping experiences are those that satisfy your cravings and give you the results that you want. Every vaper has their own preference when it comes to how they want to attain the best experiences and quench their cravings with the e-juice they’re vaping with.

Cloud Chasers
If you prefer exhaling dense clouds of vapor, then having a higher VG base percentage gives you just that. Cloud chasing involves huge clouds of vapor and the thicker the cloud, the better. MAX VG e-liquids have great vapor productions and a smooth feel. However, PG holds the flavor and the nicotine, and if you want to add a little flavor to your dense cloud, then having a 25-30 percent PG base in your e-liquid helps you to enjoy the flavor more efficiently.

Sub-Ohm Vapers
Sub-ohm vaping produces big clouds by offering larger vapor production. Apart from this, sub ohm vaping also provides an intense flavor with each puff you take. To attain this, you need to ensure that your PG/VG ratio is perfect, and this may require a bit of practice to get to the right ratio that gives you what you want from your batch.

Flavor Chasers
A very notable difference between PG and VG is that PG is a better carrier of flavor. This is because PG is also used in flavoring food products. The flavor of your juice can also be impacted by VG because it has a slightly sweet flavor of its own. If you are a flavor chaser, this means that you are looking for the clearest and best flavor. A higher PG base in your e-liquid might be the best for you, however, the PG/VG ratio also depends on the type of flavor that you vape.

Whichever you choose or want to do simultaneously, you just need to make sure the batch you are creating is going to meet your standards of vaping. You’ll know if your batch was properly made for the vape style you do by the effects of the juice and how well it performs – does it create large enough clouds, or can you taste the flavor?

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